Speechify 1.98.292 MOD Premium Unlocked APK Latest version 2023
Speechify MOD APK 1.98.292

Speechify 1.98.292 MOD Premium Unlocked APK Latest version 2023

Written by Hai Nam (7 days ago)
Name Speechify
Requires Android 6.0
PublisherSpeechify - Text To Speech | Dyslexia Reading
Latest Version1.98.292
MOD Premium Unlocked
Price FREE

Want to read books more efficiently and faster? Speechify is the tool you should have on your phone. This is a text-to-speech application with a built-in AI voice reader. You can use it to scan different types of documents from books to emails, files, PDFs, online documents, and more. The application then automatically scans and outputs the document as a file. And you have the right to choose the right AI voice to start listening to documents on your phone. With this function, the application will help you read things faster while doing other things. Use it to explore documents with your ears!

Speechify – A text-to-speech AI tool!

You’ve probably heard of audiobooks, aka audiobooks. Speechify is also one such form. The app also uses the AI voice reader to read the document and play it back on the phone. However, you don’t need to buy pre-existing titles like in many audiobook apps. Instead, you yourself will scan books and listen to audiobooks on this app. Furthermore, you can replace the book with any document with text. This application will make reading documents simpler and faster.


How Speechify works

To use this app, you need to understand how it works. It’s basically a scan and text-to-speech engine with an AI voiceover. Just use the built-in camera to scan through any type of document. Input can be books, Gmail, Google Docs, Blogs, articles, news, online courses, textbooks, novels, PDF files, Word files, any web page, etc. This application will automatically scan, recognize text, and then output to an electronic file. Finally, you just have to click “play” to listen to the material.

This app has different AI voices for boys and girls. In particular, this voice reading is quite realistic and clear. You will feel like everything is read by real people. As a result, the listening experience becomes more real than ever. You will absorb the material faster and stay more focused. For people with weak reading skills or visual impairments, this is the perfect tool to access any document in the world. Moreover, you can use this reader to learn foreign languages anytime, anywhere.


Customize your listening experience

Speechify has features to help users customize their experience. Such as:

Customize reading speed: You can listen to reading at slow to medium and fast speeds. In particular, this application supports increasing reading speed up to 9x, suitable for those who have the ability to listen super fast.

On, off, and transitions: You’ll find this app quite similar to music streaming apps. It has full features such as on/off and audio file forwarding. That way, you just need to touch it to stop or play or open another file. All operations are very simple so that you can fully focus on listening.

Recognize and read in multiple languages: To date, this app can recognize and read more than 20 different languages. It can be English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and more. So no matter where you are, you can use this reader.


Save and manage your library

After logging in to the app, each user will have their own profile. There you will have an archive library for managing scanned and listening files. You are free to customize this library to your liking. For example, you can add new files, add folders, take notes, organize files, and more.

Besides, this application has the ability to synchronize, helping you access your account on multiple devices. You can listen to and access your library on mobile, tablet, or computer. So it seems that you can listen to the material wherever you are. If you are learning a certain language, this application becomes even more useful, helping to improve your listening and pronunciation.


Simple and convenient to use

How to use this application? It’s simple, you just need to touch the camera to scan the document and then listen to it. All operations are very convenient and suitable for all types of users. Besides, the interface design with white background brings freshness and higher focus. The sound quality played by the AI voice is also quite standard and clear. Thanks to that, the listening experience here is really great.

MOD APK feature implemented of Speechify

  • Premium Unlocked

Don’t hesitate to download Speechify if you want to hear every material. With this app, you can explore books, newspapers, or files without even looking at them. Free your hands to do other things while listening to books read by AI. Furthermore, you can manage your listening library and connect it to multiple devices. Enjoy these conveniences after downloading the app to your phone.

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