Camera Translator 2.5.3 MOD Premium Unlocked APK
Camera Translator MOD APK 2.5.3

Camera Translator 2.5.3 MOD Premium Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Camera Translator
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version2.5.3
MOD Premium Unlocked
Price FREE

Need a lightweight and convenient translator app on your phone? Camera Translator is a great choice for you. This is a translator that can translate more than 100 different languages in the world. It can also translate various types of information from the text to images and sounds. As such, you can enter text, take a photo (with the camera available in the app APK or record your voice and send it to the translator. Take advantage of these translation features to chat with foreign friends, translate signs, announcements, and more. Foreign language communication is no longer a problem!

Camera Translator – Translator app for free and offline!

Continuity with foreign languages is no longer a problem when you have translation applications like Camera Translator in your hand. This application is one of the best and most compact translators. Its special feature is camera translation, that is, just take a picture to translate any content. Besides, this interpreter also supports translation via text and voice – the most popular translation methods today. More specifically, this application can work even when offline. So, you can take it everywhere and use it in many different situations.


Translate more than 100 different languages

This app can help you translate more than the 100 most popular languages in the world. These include English (US APK, English (Australia APK, Russian, German, Arabic, Afrikaans, Ukrainian, and more. Just go to the language installer and you can choose any two languages. The first language can be your mother tongue, and the second language is the target language. For example, you can translate from Vietnamese to English and vice versa. The accuracy of the translation has been verified.

Besides, this application can translate multi-form. The most convenient way to translate any content is through images. Just point the camera over the object to be translated, and you will get the result in just 1 second. Camera translation is compatible with a wide variety of objects from documents and announcements to signs, signage, and more. In general, you can translate anything by taking pictures. However, you can also translate by text (directly input or upload a text file APK and voice (use the microphone to record audio APK.


Translate any object

This is quite a special feature of the Camera Translator. This feature allows you to identify any object with the desired language. For example, when you put the camera in the “cup”, the app will display the new word “cup” in the English language. Of course, you can choose the language to translate any object in the language you want. This is a pretty fun way to learn a foreign language. Hold the camera over any object to see how it’s recorded in different languages.

Besides, you can select multiple languages at the same time. This application also supports the “pronunciation” feature for you to practice speaking skills. You can also back up new words in your library or share them with friends. As such, you can not only translate but also take advantage of this application for foreign language learning.


Support for learning foreign languages

If you know how to take advantage of this interpreter, you can improve your language skills. That’s thanks to features like:

  • Translate documents on the fly: If you have any study material that needs translating, simply put the camera in front of the document. You can then download the translation to your phone to view it anytime, anywhere. This feature helps to improve reading comprehension skills.
  • Chat with foreigners: This application will help you to communicate in foreign languages better. That’s thanks to conversation translation and voice translation. You can use this feature to chat with your international friends on messaging and voice-calling applications.
  • Learn vocabulary faster: With the ability to translate objects, the application will help you learn vocabulary from items in the house.


User-friendly and intuitive design

Besides the great translation features, this application is also extremely user-friendly. Anyone can use it from the very first use. That’s thanks to the intuitive, bright and optimized interface design. Features are neatly arranged, making searching faster and more convenient. Besides, you just need to touch the screen to take pictures, record, translate and see the results. In addition, this application also has a dark mode, which saves battery life and relaxes eyes at night.

All in all, Camera Translator is a pretty perfect translator. You can use it all the time, to communicate with international friends, translate announcements/signs on the go, or practice your language skills. Take advantage of all the app’s features the way you want, even when offline.

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