Auto Clicker 2.1.4 MOD Premium Pro Unlocked, Remove Ads APK
Auto Clicker MOD APK 2.1.4

Auto Clicker 2.1.4 MOD Premium Pro Unlocked, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 month ago)
Name Auto Clicker
Requires Android 7.0
PublisherTrue Developers Studio
Latest Version2.1.4
MOD Pro Unlocked
Price FREE

Auto Clicker is an application that helps you set up automatic clicking mode on the phone screen. The functionality of this application is extremely useful if you want to level up faster in “clicker” style games. Instead of manually clicking to fight, do quests or upgrade in-game, you can now let your phone do it. You will have more time for work and still easily level up in the game. The application also allows you to set the time and click cycle. It also has an anti-detection mode so you can comfortably play the game “idle” on your phone.

Auto Clicker – Set the auto-click on your phone!

Currently, there are many games designed in the style of “clicker” idle. That is, you just need to click on the screen at certain points to play the game. Games of this type usually do not require cumbersome strategy but in return, you have to play the game hard. If you want to save time playing the game but still level up, then Auto Clicker is the solution. This application will perform a “click” on the screen for you to level up automatically. Setting up this mode is extremely simple and quick.


Single and multiple-click mode

This application supports two modes of operation: 1-click and multi-click. In 1-click mode, you only need to set exactly 1 point on the screen. The application will automatically click on that point in a certain period of time (set by you APK. In multi-click mode, you need to set up multiple points on the screen. You need to pay attention to the click order of the points depending on the game you want to apply.

In addition, this application also supports repeated swipes. For example, when you want to move your character between points on the screen more than once, the feature is extremely useful. Once set up, you can immediately start the game to test the auto-click mode. You will see the previously installed points automatically click and help you level up as usual. If these points are in the wrong place, you can reinstall them easily.


Set click mode the way you want

After selecting the click points on the screen, the next step is to set some important parameters. Auto Clicker allows you to customize quite a few parameters, from loops, cycles, time, and more. You can set the mode to run indefinitely if you want to click continuously while the phone is turned on. Or you can set the running time to about 10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc. This application also helps you to set the repeat cycle of the click mode.

In particular, it has a feature called “anti-detection”. This feature will help you avoid suspicion from other gamers in the game. This is quite important because you often level up faster than others, leading to an imbalance between gamers. But usually, clicker games are usually for one player only. So this feature is sometimes not needed anymore.


Save the installed configuration

Each game requires a certain configuration. You need to install the right configuration to make the automatic click mode most effective. But instead of having to install the configuration many times, you just need to install it once, then save and upload it again and again. The “load configuration” function helps you to load the configuration quickly, thereby reducing the setup time on this application. All operations are optimized for you to have a true “auto” experience.

Friendly, intuitive interface

Aimed at all users, this application offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface design. The features are fully displayed on the main interface, helping you quickly install the click modes. Moreover, the setup process is also quick. You just need to touch the item and set the parameters to your liking. The auto-click modes also work very smoothly, helping your game level up unlimitedly.


Requirements to use this app

To use the features of this app, you need a device that supports Android 7.0 or later. Lower Android versions are limited in terms of operating systems, so they cannot be applied or the application efficiency is not high. Besides, you need to allow the application to access the “support service” to be able to automatically click. To make this application easier to access, it is recommended that you choose a language you are fluent in. Currently, the application supports English, so it is suitable for many gamers.

MOD APK feature implemented of Auto Clicker

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Pro Unlocked
  • Remove Ads

As can be seen, Auto Clicker is a useful tool for the gaming process. Its main feature is to automatically click at points on the screen. You can take advantage of this feature to level up automatically in the game. You have the right to set 1-point or multi-click mode or repeated swipe mode. Customize other relevant parameters to have an auto-click mechanism on the phone screen!

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