Sports Car 3 1.04.085 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK
Sports Car 3 MOD APK 1.04.085

Sports Car 3 1.04.085 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Sports Car 3
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.04.085
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Sports Car 3 brings many differences compared to the previous parts. It promises to make a large number of gamers satisfied with the high-speed racing experience. This game possesses high-end graphics and diverse driving styles. It has dozens of different missions integrated into single and multiplayer modes. You can explore them every day to hunt and compete. Moreover, in the garage of the game, you will find a series of racing cars of famous brands and types. Don’t pass up any opportunity to add them to your collection. Of course, you can try them right on the track to enjoy the crazy speed.

Sports Car 3 – Race in a realistic racing environment!

What is the difference between motorsport racing and other racing genres? You will find the answer when you explore Sports Car 3 for yourself. It is well built with a unique mission system, allowing you to try out many different racing styles. In particular, each mission brings you into a realistic environment. You will feel its authenticity from the moment you step into the track. What’s more, with intuitive driving mechanics, it’s easy to take control of your car. In other words, there is no problem that prevents the passion for speed from being realized right on the phone screen. Please set the appropriate graphics and sound parameters for your device before starting.


Explore dozens of available quests

This game offers 8 typical missions and other challenges and events. Specifically, it is racing, drag, police chase, parking, runway, car moving, cargo transport, and finally city adventure. If you are a fan of speed racing, racing tracks are for you. If you want to be a truck driver, you can try cargo transport missions (usually by truck APK. In addition, the racetracks in runway mode will help you feel the heat from the sandy soil. If you love modern style, let your friends explore the grandly designed virtual city.


Enjoy the new driving mechanics

Driving the car is not too difficult but not easy. But this game will help you reach everything easier. It allows you to choose your own steering system, including tilting the screen, virtual steering wheel, arrows, automatic mode, and even pilot mode. Choose the steering system that suits your preferences and habits. But that’s not all, the control system also includes a brake, accelerator, speedometer, and map. You need to interact with these maneuvers dynamically to conquer every mission. If you’re on a multiplayer track, use extra nitro for a surprise boost.

As can be seen, the driving mechanism in Sports Car 3 is quite new compared to other games. Besides, it also allows you to customize many features without being stereotyped according to a certain mode. In particular, you can also choose to control the weather for each race. It has options like night, day, sunset, rain, snow, cloudy and sunny. So it seems to have everything for you to enjoy the track in its own way. Some new maps will be added in new updates. It’s also a factor that refreshes your experience even more.


Unlock and upgrade your racing car

The racing car system in this game is designed in quite a detail. It covers a wide range of vehicles from Peugeot and Pride to Peykan, Samand, Van, and more. In particular, you can customize the car from interior to exterior appearance and engine. To do that, simply tap on the available accessories and parts and see the result. For engine customization, you just need to use gold coins to upgrade. Each car possesses 5 characteristic stats including Speed, Power, Mass, Nitro Capacity, and Steering. The higher these stats, the better the driving experience.


Realistic racing environment

This game will not let you down with its graphic quality. It is designed to be vivid with high-definition images. As a result, it delivers realistic, meticulous, and epic racing environments. You can enjoy them to explore the streets, tall buildings, large parks, and more. The racing car models are also described realistically. Each car also has its own distinct engine sound. You will feel it when driving them on the track.

Don’t miss Sports Car 3 if you are looking for a racing game. This is where you will find dozens of modern templates and a super detailed set of settings. You can set up the steering, upgrade your vehicle, customize the weather and time, and choose the map yourself. There aren’t too many racing games that can do this for you. Enjoy this difference after you download the game.

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