Pool Stars 4.57 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Long line, Auto Win APK
Pool Stars - 3D Online Multipl MOD APK 4.57

Pool Stars 4.57 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Long line, Auto Win APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Pool Stars - 3D Online Multipl
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherGiraffe Games Limited
Latest Version4.57
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, Long line, Auto Win
Price FREE

Pool Stars is a sports game from the developer Giraffe Games Limited. Inspired by the billiards sport loved by many people around the world. Here the game simulates the gameplay mechanics with rules based on reality. Open turn-based tables in online mode to bet money. Accordingly, you will compete with other online players in 1vs1 tables. Follow the rules when participating to find out the winner. Moreover with the combination of sharp 3D graphics. Realistic picture quality will add more appeal to people. The same sound system is reproduced based on the sound of billiard balls on the table. Besides, the control mechanism will be intuitively designed for easy use.

Pool Stars – Play Online Billiards With Everyone on a 3D Platform!

The content of the game is based on the mechanics of the real-life billiards sport. When joining the table with your opponent play turn-based. Use the billiard cue to play, the goal is to hit the ball with the right amount of force. Based on an intuitively designed control mechanism. After it’s your turn to play ball on the table. Just touch to adjust the angle, and can also change the view around the table. After the shooting point has been determined, the muscle tree icon will be displayed. Touch, drag, and observe the force bar to shoot with a suitable impact force. In general, the control mechanism is quite simple, helping you focus on playing when it’s your turn.Game Pool Stars

Gameplay and rules

Based on a turn-based play during competition with opponents on the billiards table. Every time it’s your or your opponent’s turn to play. Use the cue stick to shoot cue balls, in order to affect the numbered ball on the table. From there put the ball into the hole to get the next turn. After the shot misses or cannot put the ball into the hole, the turn will end. At this point, it will be the opponent’s turn. According to the rules of classification of winners and losers, whoever puts all the marbles dealt into the hole first will win. Accordingly, if you want to become a winner at the billiards table. You need to overtake your opponent by shooting accurately to get your marbles into the hole first.Pool Stars

Virtual guidance system

The process of playing billiards in the game Pool Stars. Every time it’s your turn to shoot billiards on the table. You will be supported by a virtual guide system. Accordingly, when adjusting the cue and cue ball, aim for the marble with the number on the table. This will display the direction of the ball if fired. That will make it easier for you to play when it’s your turn. Thanks to that support, it is possible to shoot balls more accurately to score points. This will increase the odds of winning higher at the pool tables. However, your opponent is also supported with the same feature. So you have to improve your playing skills so that you don’t miss any opportunities when it’s your turn.Tai Pool Stars

Game es

The game has many different modes for you to choose from. Consisting of a single player with AI on the table according to the 8 Ball and 9 Ball win-lose classification rules. Or online mode to compete with real players. Each mode opens up its own gameplay, with different challenges to compete with. Single-player mode with AI will help you improve your skills, as well as experience after many levels. Coming to the online mode opens pool tables with different amounts of bets. You will play against a random opponent to find the winner. The goal is to win the bet amount to accumulate.Pool Stars

Upgrade parts

Based on the money earned from the billiards tables bet money with the opponent. You can use it to upgrade the billiards cue stick with different parts. Includes handle, top, base, rubber base, spatula, and support stick. These are the parts that need to be upgraded if you want to increase the ability of the billiards cue. Accordingly, money must be used to upgrade the level of each part. Maximizing the level of the parts will cost a huge amount of money. But that will boost stats including power, target, spin, and extra time.

MOD APK feature implemented of Pool Stars

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Long line
  • Auto Win

At Pool Stars there are two different currencies. Includes gold coins and banknotes. Each currency is used for its own activities. At the same time, the way to get them is also not the same. Gold coins can be earned from the table playing bets with opponents. Likewise, paper money has a greater value. You can convert from real-life currency or through pool tables.

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