Human Gun! 4.23 MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, No ADS APK
Human Gun! MOD APK 4.23

Human Gun! 4.23 MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, No ADS APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Human Gun!
Requires Android 10.0
PublisherRollic Games
Latest Version4.23
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, No ADS
Price FREE

If you love simple action games, come to Human Gun!. This is a game built with simple but addictive shooting gameplay. Join the game, you will find a series of interesting levels with challenges just for you. Your task in each level is to collect as many stickmen as you can to upgrade the gun and make a profit. Along the way, there will be dozens of different challenges. If you conquer them all, you will witness a great upgrade of the gun. From shotguns to sniper rifles, which gun do you prefer? Discover all unique guns and become the best hunter.

Human Gun! – Conquer 3D shooting levels!

Instead of engaging in complicated battles, Human Gun! will give you the feeling of action right on the 3D running tracks. This game offers a series of levels designed to be simple but enough to convince you to play for a long time. Each level has its own challenges to test your agility. You also need both sharpness and focus if you want to conquer all the challenges here. After completing a level, you will continuously unlock new levels. And you will get the reward you deserve for your performance.


Collect stickman and cash

At each level, your mission is to earn as much cash as you can. To do this, you have to control a gun and move it wisely. Money will drop after each shot on the black wooden blocks. In other words, you have to shoot as many blocks of wood as you can if you want to make a lot of money. Each wooden block on the track will carry a stat. It’s a stat that represents the number of shots it takes for you to break it. For example, you need two shots to destroy a 2-point wooden block. At the same time, you will receive the corresponding amount from each shot.

So how to shoot faster and more? The answer is that you have to upgrade the gun. To upgrade guns, you need to collect stickmen scattered along the way. They will help your guns reach new levels, thereby switching to new guns with better damage and range. When these two stats are improved, it will be easier for you to defeat targets to earn even more money. With the money you earn, you can use it to unlock new guns and skins.


Overcome obstacles

Not only cash and stickman, the running tracks in Human Gun! will give you a series of challenges. Along the way, you have to dodge obstacles such as carpets of spikes, hammers, roundabouts, doors that subtract and divide scores, etc. If you collide with any obstacle, you will have less advantage. These obstacles will appear randomly on the track. Moreover, they are arranged in different positions at each level. So each level is a completely new experience.


Unlock dozens of unique guns

This game gives you amazing guns to hunt targets and earn the most money. These include the most common types of firearms such as pistols, rifles, machine guns, and sniper rifles. Each type of gun will have distinct advantages. For example, handguns have a fast rate of fire but a low range. In contrast, sniper rifles have a slow rate of fire but great damage and high range. You will own different types of guns when you level up in each level.

Specifically, you will start with the Pistol, then the SMG, Shotgun, Sniper, Bombarder, Megagun, and more. Each gun is designed with a different look and effect, providing a realistic shooting feeling. You can also unlock new skins for your favorite guns. Moreover, to improve the profit earned, you should spend money to upgrade the gun. There are two stats that need to be upgraded: range and damage. Besides upgrading guns, you can also upgrade two stats Income and Stickman to improve your advantage on the run.


Friendly, colorful images

Every level in this game is well-designed with 3D graphics. The images that make up the run from guns, obstacles, cash, stickman… all have colorful colors. As a result, the game offers a friendly shooting experience, making it easy for anyone to access this gameplay. Besides, the simple running background, cheerful music, and eye-catching shooting effects will make you enjoy the game.

So don’t hesitate to download Human Gun! for your phone. This game will get you excited with its simple yet addictive series of shooting levels. Just swipe your hand on the screen to control the gun and shoot down every target. But stay focused and move flexibly to score the most points. How many levels will you conquer here? Challenge your friends if you are confident with your highest achievement.

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