Encounter Strike-Mission 2022 1.3.0 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK
Encounter Strike-Mission 2022 MOD APK 1.3.0

Encounter Strike-Mission 2022 1.3.0 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Encounter Strike-Mission 2022
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.3.0
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Take on a shooting mission in the action game Encounter Strike-Mission 2022. Follow the competitive gameplay in offline mode. When participating, you will have to fight against shooting units controlled by AI. On the fierce battlefield, intense gun battles will be recreated. Adopt a third-person perspective to use equipped guns and attack enemies. You will have to take on many different roles during the process. Not only a rifleman, but also a sniper to destroy targets at long distances. Accordingly, the game will provide a diverse gun system. At the same time, to increase the appeal for players in battles. Here, the publisher has designed graphics based on a sharp 3D platform. Realistically simulated sound mix.

Encounter Strike-Mission 2022 – Shooting Against Terrorist Forces on the Battlefield!

Similar to other action shooting themed games. In order for players to be able to focus on fighting enemies, it is necessary to optimize the control mechanism. Accordingly, it will have to be designed intuitively for ease of use. Here you can switch equipped weapons to change your attack style. Through touching one of the guns carried. Or you can use support weapons when necessary, shown through the grenade icon. At the same time, to pull the trigger will be through the bullet icon. Besides, if you want to move the character, you will use the familiar virtual joystick mechanism. You can also incorporate the jumping up and sitting down action shown.

Encounter Strike

Mission system takes place

Based on the game’s content to perform the mission. You are a soldier unit of the army’s special forces. Have the task of fighting terrorist forces in different locations. Accordingly, you will have to participate in each battle with specific requirements. It is to destroy enemies in large numbers. Not only that, but it is also limited by time during the task. Through a third-person perspective from behind the character to use equipped weapons. Show off your skills and experience to shoot down each enemy in turn. Can survive fierce attacks and successfully destroy them all. Only then can victory be achieved to end the match.

Every time you finish a shooting battle you will receive a bonus. Based on achievements achieved during task performance. For example, the number of enemies shot down and the number of headshots. From there, you will receive the corresponding amount of bonus to accumulate. Helps you use it for trading and unlocking activities.Game Encounter Strike

The difficulty of the mission gradually increases

Continue assigned tasks in battles in Encounter Strike. Will face greater challenges in the process of fighting terrorist forces. Makes it difficult for you to complete tasks in a short time. Accordingly, the number of enemies that need to be destroyed will be larger than before. At the same time, their fighting ability is also improved. Even know how to cooperate with each other to attack tactically. This not only puts you in trouble, but can also put your life in danger. Because if you lose concentration or are not careful, you will be destroyed at any time. That means the mission fails and cannot be won.Tai Encounter Strike

Single combat

The process of performing anti-terrorism missions on fierce battlefields. You can choose to play single to fight everyone alone. Freely attack in your own way, but it will still be difficult because there is no support. Accordingly, it is necessary to improve shooting skills to be effective in battle. As well as learning new things, gaining more experience to be able to solve difficult situations.

Team match

Here the game also unlocks 5vs5 team matches. You will form an alliance with 4 other gunmen controlled by AI. Then engage in combat with the enemy on the battlefield. Through real-time to compete with each other. Based on the kill points achieved by both sides after the time ends. The side that scores more points will win. Accordingly, to be able to defeat the enemy, requires the coordination of the whole team to deploy appropriate strategies.

Encounter Strike

Encounter Strike MOD APK Features

  • Towards Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • Had Weapons
  • Not Knocked Down
  • 1 Hit

The game Encounter Strike-Mission 2022 possesses a diverse collection of weapons. Includes many different types of guns for offensive use. For example, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns and more. Each gun is not only different in design and size. But also shows fighting ability through parameters. From fire rate, damage, reload time to bullet count. However, to own your favorite guns, you will have to use money to buy them.

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