Collect Bits 1.0.9 MOD Lots of Money APK
Collect Bits MOD APK 1.0.9

Collect Bits 1.0.9 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Collect Bits
Requires Android 6.0
PublisherLOCOBIT Inc.
Latest Version1.0.9
MOD Unlimited Money
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Price FREE

Get ready for tough challenges in the action game Collect Bits. This is a game built in the style of an obstacle course. With the mission of collecting Bits on the way. Through adventures in multiple locations around the world. Have the opportunity to explore many beautiful, but equally challenging contexts. Because it will have to face complex and dangerous terrain. Also dangerous obstacles, even facing those who stand in the way. The content of the game revolves around the character Charo and the brave robot Lucis. With a series of features provided by the publisher LOCOBIT Inc. Enjoy the soothing sound presented throughout the adventure. The control mechanism is designed to be simple, helping you to control the character easily.

Collect Bits – Adventure To Collect a Large Number of Bits!

The gameplay of Collect Bits is quite simple. Take place at each level. Play as the character Charo to start participating. Each adventure in each level is played out in real-time. Your mission is to collect the Bits. They appear in many locations, throughout the movement. Your target does not miss any Bits. Reach the giant spring at the bottom of the map before time runs out. Achievements in each level are represented by rankings. Through the number of Bits collected, you will gain different ranks. In ascending order from D, C, B, A, and S. In which, complete the mission excellently, do not miss any Bits items. You will achieve the highest rank. Then can continue the new adventure to the next level.Collect Bits

Difficulty increases with each level

Based on each level of the game Collect Bits. In the first few levels, the task is completed quite easily. Get familiar with the gameplay and control system. However, the difficulty will gradually increase each time you start to step to a new level. The terrain is changed to be more complex. There are many obstacles and difficult challenges. The distance needed to travel longer. There will even be a large number of people standing in the way. At the same time, the given conditions will be more difficult. For example, the number of Bits that need to be collected is more than before. Makes it hard to achieve excellence without skills. Therefore, it is essential to constantly improve and hone skills at each level of play. Helps you to overcome challenges at difficult levels.Game Collect Bits

Gameplay, use Lucis to attack

The course of the adventure in Collect Bits. Character Charo will be accompanied by the robot Lucis. At the same time have to face those who stand in the way, they are robots. Appears in many different locations on complex terrain. Block the path and will prevent you from moving forward. To be able to overcome them, you can choose to attack. Use Lucis as a gun. Adjust the firing direction and aim precisely. Attack the robots to destroy. Along with that, sometimes there will be some objects in the way. Or they shield large amounts of Bits. Now you can also control Luci’s robot to attack. Destroy objects on the way to move through. And collect Bits items to accumulate.Tai Collect Bits

Explore different environments

Play through the levels in Collect Bits. Conquer the challenges in turn to complete the excellent mission. From there you will have the opportunity to explore many different places. The game offers a diverse map system. Typical is lush grassland with a cool green color. Snowfields are covered with white snowflakes. Or machine towns with heavy rains. There are many other beautiful maps to be discovered when participating. Each map is designed with its own terrain. Along with a lot of different obstacles, traps, and enemies. Furthermore, the game’s map system will be repeated. Sometimes entering new levels, the map will be recreated. But maybe the terrain will be changed.Collect Bits

The control system of the Collect Bits game is designed to be intuitive. Makes it easy to control the character in the adventure. 3 basic principles were applied during the game. Includes running forward, jumping, and throwing Luci’s robot to attack. They are implemented through system-designed unique featured icons. Depends on the situation. Use the corresponding control keys, flexibly. Adapt to the environment, thereby helping you overcome difficult challenges.

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