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Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version2.8.6
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Vote is an action game based on io-style content. Open up survival matches in the big world. Featuring online players as different characters. They use their own weapons to perform offensive actions. Aim to destroy opponents to increase the rank for real-time survival purposes. Accordingly, you will become a character and participate in the battle in battle royale mode. Use equipped weapons for throwing-style attacks. From there, deal damage from a distance to destroy enemies in the arena. The goal is to survive in real time, kill multiple opponents and be the last man standing in the arena. – Weapon Throwing Style Survival War!

According to the gameplay mechanism that takes place in the battles in the arena. Through a top-down perspective to accompany your character. Use the familiar virtual mechanism in the form of a joystick to move. Be able to move freely without limits in a large world. At the same time use the weapon equipped to throw to attack the opponent. Depending on the weapon type, a special icon will be displayed. You just need to tap to throw the weapon. Immediately after that, the weapon will be thrown in the direction that the character is aiming for. If you want to attack and take away the enemy’s life, you need to combine the two features. Flexible movements to dodge, and combine attacks

Battle royale themed in two modes

Battle royale-themed battles in both online and offline modes. Accordingly, AI characters will be automatically added when the arena has few participants. As well as the server system will automatically connect as soon as online players enter the arena. To ensure the number of people competing. At the same time will automatically generate random maps that take place in many different environments. From there, a fierce and intense skirmish between real players was opened. They constantly threw weapons to attack each other in order to increase their rank. Aim to survive as long as possible and become the last man alive in the arena. Then receive a valuable bonus corresponding to the achievement achieved.Game


There are different environments in the game For example in a big city, in the barren desert, in a town in a dark environment, green forest, and many more. Each environment opens up a large world that is simulated with a different landscape. Expressed through color, surroundings, and terrain with the appearance of obstacles. Accordingly, you will be randomly arranged by the system to enter many large environments. Through the battle for survival to compete with other

The gameplay takes place

The course of the battle for survival will follow an open gameplay. Use equipped weapons to compete in real time. Start from level 1 to fight other opponents. You can collect rubies that fall on the ground to increase experience points. Or through killing enemies to get a large amount of experience points. When the conditions are met, it will increase to a new level. At the same time, an additional life is added, represented by a heart icon with a specific number displayed on the character’s head. Each time you are hit by an opponent’s weapon, you will lose one life. When the amount of hearts is exhausted, it will mean losing your life and ending the match.

Get Gold Coins

The reward received after finishing a fight for survival is gold coins. The amount will correspond to the achievement achieved, expressed through many factors. Includes the duration in the arena, the number of enemies killed and the level achieved. Accordingly, achieving excellent achievements will receive a larger amount of money. Moreover, it is possible to receive additional bonuses through performing tasks. For example, reach level 5 in a fight, and earn 1500 gold coins in a match. Or kill 2 enemies to achieve Double Kills. There are many other tasks that will be opened to help you get more rewards after

More than 20 characters game offers more than 20 different characters. For example knights, vampires, warriors, kings, ninjas,… and many more. The characters are all shaped in a unique square block style. The difference is reflected in the appearance and clothing, as well as the color of the hairstyle. Accordingly to accompany a favorite character. Money needs to be used to buy in the store or get rewards.

The game also owns a diverse collection of weapons with more than 40 different types. These include darts, swords, axes, and more. Each type has many options to use in battles. The difference between them is shown in the design and color. At the same time, the attack range of each weapon and speed will not be the same.

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