MORTAL KOMBAT X 5.4.0 MOD Menu VIP, High Damage, Attack Speed, Dump Enemy, Wide View APK

MORTAL KOMBAT X 5.4.0 MOD Menu VIP, High Damage, Attack Speed, Dump Enemy, Wide View APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Requires Android 4.0+
PublisherWarner Bros
Latest Version5.4.0
MOD Menu VIP, High Damage, Attack Speed, Dump Enemy, Wide View
Price FREE

MORTAL KOMBAT X MOD lets you play the role of heroes participating in the ultimate fighting match. Since this game has not yet been released, only a small amount of information has been revealed, but many players are already looking forward to experiencing it. That’s right with just a short period of a few months of release. The gameplay has had an incredibly large number of downloads. More than 50 million mobile installations with hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews. That is a testament to the popularity and appeal of this game.

Starting the game you will compete directly with another online player. The special thing in MORTAL KOMBAT X is that all your opponents are people. There are no bosses or monsters. The battle becomes more realistic and attractive. And of course, when playing against real players you will gain a lot of experience and improve your fighting skills. Millions of other players are waiting for you to participate in the super classic battle. Visit the website LMHAPKSX.COM to download the mod version completely free.

MORTAL KOMBAT X – Participate in life and death matches, direct confrontation!

The battles in MORTAL KOMBAT This is considered a hurricane that sweeps everything. On the stage, players have the right to use weapons or do anything to survive. The one who survives until the last moment of the match will be the winner. There are many weapons, characters, and equipment for you to choose from to create a true warrior. In participating in this life-and-death battle, you need to be mentally prepared for one of two things that will definitely happen. It’s win, have it all or be defeated, accept defeat. If you lose against an opponent. Don’t be too pessimistic because you will only lose, not everything. Return to practice more enthusiastically, equip many powerful weapons, and high-quality armor. A true warrior is immortal on all fronts. Whether you win or lose, you always have to try harder.


Mighty warriors

There are more than 40 warriors for you to play as you participate in combat. The first time you enter the game, the system provides you with a default character. This warrior will accompany you for a very long time. Although this is not the strongest character, it will leave a deep impression in your heart. Join you in every big and small match in the game. At a certain point you need to buy new warriors. Because when you reach a higher level, you will meet formidable opponents with much higher skills. If you only rely on skills, your winning rate will not be high. Need to choose a character with higher strength and better defense ability. Zero, Shao, Kahn, Kabal, and Takeda are great choices for you. These are all legends, with excellent skills and experience. Will help your battles win more easily.

Fight fiercely

In the life-and-death match of MORTAL KOMBAT X MOD APK 5.4.0, The enemies are all experts, players with extremely high skills. With just one minute of inattention, the situation of the match can be overturned immediately. On this stage, you should always keep a cool head. Use weapons combined with quick thinking to deliver fatal blows to defeat enemies. If you don’t like using weapons, you can fight using your bare hands. Although it does not cause high damage, it brings you many extremely interesting experiences. Pay attention to the character’s appearance, physical strength, health, attack power, and defense stats. If the stamina and health bars appear red, your warrior will not be able to fight much longer. Need to use healing items promptly to continue fighting.

Online play mode

What makes me feel most satisfied and excited about MORTAL KOMBAT X is the online play mode. With this feature, I can compete with other online players around the world. Not only that, PvP matches allow players to freely create teams to fight. You can invite friends to join the battle together and challenge other teams. Of course, the difficulty of playing with people will be much higher than playing with AL. But the experiences are extremely wonderful and much more attractive. Combine with teammates to win and bring back high-value rewards.


  • MOD Menu
  • Full Money
  • Immortal
  • Damage
  • Skill

MORTAL KOMBAT X MOD APK opens the life-and-death arena for warriors to assert their strength. Each character has its own special skill. If you want to use it flexibly and know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, you should read all the information about each general. Do everything to win. If the enemy is too strong, call for help from your friends. MORTAL KOMBAT X battle of black dragon warriors.

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