Truecaller 14.14.8 MOD Unlocked Gold APK
Truecaller MOD APK 14.14.8

Truecaller 14.14.8 MOD Unlocked Gold APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name Truecaller
Requires Android 7.0
Latest Version14.14.8
MOD Premium Unlocked
Price FREE

Truecaller Mod is the most trusted communication app currently on Google Play. This application allows you to text and call phone numbers in your contacts at the highest level of convenience and security. Unlike the default messenger on your phone, this application has many advanced features, such as blocking spam and marketing messages, allowing sharing of location, icons, status, etc. These features are all Completely free for the regular version of the app. The Premium version also offers more advanced features. Let’s explore them now.

Truecaller – The leading voice caller and texter for phones!

With more than 1 billion installations on Google Play, Truecaller is considered the world’s leading communication application. This application serves your communication needs from basic to advanced. But no matter the level, it always ensures your communication with everyone becomes the most convenient, safe and optimal. In particular, you can download and use this application for free. Unless you want to use the most advanced features. Texting, voice calling, and call management become easier with this application in hand.

Contact everyone in your contacts for free

The most basic feature of this application is message and call management. Accordingly, it helps you dial numbers quickly and immediately start the communication process after just a few touches on the screen. In particular, this feature only applies to phone numbers in your contacts. Therefore, messages and calls only come from people you know. In other words, messages from advertising, marketing and spam services are completely eliminated. You also have the right to manage this spam list yourself.

Regarding the messaging interface, this application is no different from regular applications. It provides all the features such as sharing images, text, icons, voice, etc. Besides, it also allows you to express emotions for each message from the other person. You can also monitor other people’s activity status easily. Voice calling also becomes extremely simple with just one touch. Of course, calls are free. Therefore, connecting with people is more convenient than ever.

Some important features

Besides the main features, Truecaller also possesses a series of other useful features. This is what makes it different from the default messenger and many other similar applications. As follows:

Block spam: Spam messages and calls from telemarketing programs or anonymous phone numbers will be blocked. The application automatically identifies calls and messages of this type and automatically blocks them. But you can monitor and manage blockers in the “Blocking” category. You will know which phone numbers have called at what time of day. You can add new numbers to the block list or remove certain numbers.

Create a chat group: This feature is similar to Messenger, Zalo, Whatsapp. It allows you to group with other people only in your contacts. You have permission to manage group access. In other words, only authorized people can join your group.

Data backup: This is a feature that helps you manage and secure information. Information such as call history, contacts, messages, and other settings will be backed up to your Google Drive. Thanks to that, even if you delete this app, you can review your profile and activity log.

What does the Premium version have?

The features in the regular version are enough to serve most of your communication needs. But if you want more premium features, subscribe to the Premium plan or download the version of this app. The premium version will give you the following features:

  • View a list of people who have viewed your profile.
  • View other people’s profiles discreetly.
  • Remove all ads from the process.
  • Get the “Premium” title on your profile.

Simple and intuitive interface design

The interface of this application is designed exactly like other popular messaging applications. Thanks to that, accessing the features inside the application is not too difficult. The list of calls and messages is clearly divided into corresponding sections. Caller information, time, profile photo and more are also displayed visually. Furthermore, the messaging interface with a white background brings comfort to the interaction process.

So do you want to own Truecaller version? Click the link in this article to download this premium version. This application will bring convenience and security to your communication process. You can connect with your friends through the world’s most secure messaging and voice calling, what could be better? Discover a host of other useful features after downloading the app.

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