Swordigo 1.4.6 MOD Unlocked APK
Swordigo MOD APK 1.4.6

Swordigo 1.4.6 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Swordigo
Requires Android 4.1
PublisherTouch Foo
Latest Version1.4.6
MOD Unlocked
Price FREE

Swordigo is an action role-playing game with an eye-catching hack-and-slash style. Join the game, you will become a heroic warrior with a mission to protect the world from enemies coming from the dungeon. Your journey will scroll from left to right across the screen, creating a familiar feel like classic games. Moreover, the game has a simple control mechanism through virtual buttons, making it easy for you to act and perform combos. An eye-catching and addictive hack-and-slash journey is waiting for you ahead. A variety of enemies will challenge the hero in fast-paced battles along the way. Upgrade your hero with new gear and weapons to go further and explore more.

Swordigo – Hero’s action-adventure journey!

This game has been available on the Android platform for a long time but still attracts a large number of fans. It is built with a simple but well-organized storyline, bringing you on an endless action-adventure journey with tons of surprises. By joining that journey, you will transform into a young hero. He carries the responsibility of the world savior with a sharp sword in his hand and an impressive set of skills. His mission is to destroy monsters and demons from the dungeon world, search for hidden treasures and explore the magical kingdom. Thereby, your hero will progress more and more with better power and speed, providing a refreshing immersive feeling.


Show off your action skills

Your journey with the hero will take place on a horizontal screen platform in a side-scroller style. You will start from the starting point, run continuously through different types of terrain, fight enemies and explore an endless journey. To do that, you need to master control skills. Specifically, you just need to click the virtual buttons on the screen to move forward, backward and attack the target in front of you. But later, when you level up and unlock new skills, you need to combine actions to deploy skill combos. Your enemies are jungle monsters, demons, wizards, witches, and even giant Bosses. To gain an advantage in a direct confrontation, you need to move wisely and attack at the right time.

The challenges will become more and more difficult as you progress deeper into the magical world of dungeons. Therefore, you need to upgrade your hero over time to be able to overcome obstacles and enemies and discover more. Thereby, the hero will unlock new skills, allowing you to use them in new battles. Show your agility and flexibility in every action with the sword in hand. Each of your slashes will come with a spectacular effect. Also, don’t let rough terrain get in the way. Jump, forward, and back wisely to traverse any terrain that comes your way.


Hero upgrade

There are many ways to upgrade heroes in Swordigo. Specifically, you can upgrade the hero’s level by using gold coins. With higher levels, heroes will gain better stats in terms of strength, speed, HP, and more. Besides, he will have new action combos to flex his fighting style. You also need to equip the hero with armor to improve defense, special swords to upgrade damage and many other items that increase magic power. All of these can be found in treasure chests that you accidentally pick up along the way. Combine precious items your way to upgrade your hero.


Adventure through many unique locations

The magical dungeon world includes many beautiful scenes. In each place, you will have the opportunity to encounter dozens of enemies from the weak to the mighty Boss. Besides, you can also find hidden treasures and fun puzzles on your journey. You need to solve the correct puzzle to keep going or have to go back to previous sections to find the answer. Over time, the battlefield landscape becomes more and more diverse, including forests, dungeons, snowy mountains, and more. It all comes together to create a rich world of adventure. Explore the mysteries of this world with your hero.


Enjoy the beautiful 2.5D environment

Instead of modern 2D or 3D design like many games today, this game owns a classic 2.5D graphic style. It vividly depicts the world of dungeons with a variety of unique terrains and landscapes. The hero image is carefully polished with eye-catching skill effects and smooth motion. Besides, the enemy system is also very rich and creative. The stories about them are also something to attract your curiosity.

So, are you ready for adventure in Swordigo ? This is a long journey filled with numerous enemies but also full of treasures and achievements for the worthy. Will you be the legendary hero or just the unknown? Fight and adventure your way to conquer every enemy and explore every hidden area in the game world. Don’t forget to upgrade your hero as this is the condition for victory.

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