3.0.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, God mode, Defense APK MOD APK 3.0.0 3.0.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, God mode, Defense APK

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Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version3.0.0
MOD Menu VIP, Money, God mode, Defense
Price FREE
Vote is an addictive io survival title that you should not miss. It brings you into the city arena – where zombies are swarming everywhere. As always, your mission is to kill zombies and protect the city. But this time, you are alone and have to rely on the help of dozens of different weapons. You can unlock your favorite weapons from guns to darts, balls, and more. They will automatically attack the target, and your job is to control the hero. Any mistake can put you in danger. So show your wise survival strategy and survive as long as you can. – Fight zombies and protect the city!

Like many other survival games, is inspired by a post-apocalyptic theme. From there, it brings a city scene full of bloodthirsty zombies. And you are a lucky survivor of a virus experiment. But now, you and the rest of the survivors must find a way to live again. At the same time, you have to protect the cities that are about to be destroyed by zombies. This is not an easy task and gets more and more difficult as the level progresses. But don’t worry, with a simple control mechanism, you will quickly approach this gameplay. Get ready to face the evilest zombies on the planet.


Survive as long as possible

The game does not have a level quest system. Instead, it offers an endless zombie war with no end. Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible to score the most points. So the rule of the game is to survive for as long as to get a higher score and rank. To apply this principle, the upgrade feature is embedded right into your battle. After some levels, you will get three upgrade options. You just need to choose any upgrade to enjoy the improvement in damage, speed, HP, or many other stats. About how to control it, you just need to use the joystick in the middle of the screen. The hero will automatically attack the target, your job is to move to defend.


Explore weapon system

You will be completely alone in this battle. But don’t worry, the game offers a unique weapon system to assist you. It includes short and long-range weapons, typically guns, bows, arrows, darts, knives, boomerangs, drills, rockets, robots, and more. Your hero will use a unique weapon. At that time, other weapons will automatically move around and attack zombies. Weapons can be added continuously to improve the hero’s strength. Each type has its own effect and attack method. Therefore, consider choosing the right weapons for the battlefield situation. In addition to weapons, you will receive other add-ons in your battle journey.


Hero upgrade

The wars in will become more and more fierce, that’s why you have to upgrade non-stop. There are many ways to do this, typically by upgrading the hero’s “Level”. The higher the level, the stronger the hero will be. That’s because stats like HP, speed, and damage… have been improved. Besides, when leveling up, the hero will learn new skills. So he can use many new forms of attack on the battlefield. With great strength, your hero will easily conquer enemies, including terrible Bosses.

Diverse Boss system

The game impresses with a rich zombie system. The most typical type is small zombies with medium movement speed. The most terrifying type of zombies is Boss, those with large size, slow movement speed but high damage, and HP. They will be much harder to kill than other types of enemies. You need to keep a safe distance from them instead of approaching and attacking melee. Use ranged weapons and deal continuous damage to the Boss. At the same time, you should summon many other secondary weapons to fight the small zombies around.


Simple and fun design

The game will delight you with its graphic style. Although it only has a 2D background, it still describes everything quite well. The vast battlefield scene with thousands of zombies will make you overwhelmed. Besides, the effects and attack movements are also very vivid. Thanks to that, you will feel the attraction of fast-paced survival battles. In addition, the image in the game is simple and rudimentary but fun, helping to reduce the element of violence.

MOD APK feature implemented of

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gems
  • Unlimited energy
  • god mode
  • defense, bullet
  • Free shopping

Overall, is an interesting and addictive game. You will participate in the biggest survival campaign ever here. Don’t hesitate to pick up your gun and rush into the battlefield. Thousands of zombies will surround you, but that’s not the point. With dozens of weapons in hand, you can destroy them all to protect your beloved city. Are you ready?

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