Super Stickman Heroes Fight 4.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Unlock Characters APK
Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD APK 4.0

Super Stickman Heroes Fight 4.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Unlock Characters APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Super Stickman Heroes Fight
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version4.0
MOD Menu VIP, Money, Unlock Characters
Price FREE

Super Stickman Heroes Fight is one of the best action games on the mobile platform. It has appealed to over 10 million Android players, and now it’s your turn. This game will bring exciting, fun, and addictive stickman battles. There you will fight against dozens of different enemies and heroes. There are quite a few different modes to choose from, allowing you to play alone or against online players. Besides, the game brings a rich hero system. Each hero possesses an impressive appearance and skills. You can choose one of them to role-play and enjoy the featured skills. The most explosive wars are waiting for you to discover.

Super Stickman Heroes Fight – Stickman-style fighting game!

Stickman’s design style has long been favored by a large number of players. Now it is fully exploited in Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD. This style is combined with iconic images from Marvel. From there, the game brings a unique hero system of familiar heroes and supervillains. Besides, the game is built with classic 1v1 fighting gameplay. It offers the ultimate skill battles with explosive effects. These battles will capture all your attention. So get ready to fight like a hero, supervillain, or whatever character you want.


Explore unique modes

The game currently has many modes to choose from, typically Story e, Versus e, PvP, Training e, Tournament e, and Power Challenge. For new players, practice mode should be the first place to go. Here, you will be taught how to move, use skills, defend, and do many other important operations. Once mastered, you can try any other mode to engage in real combat. In story mode, you will go through a journey of many levels. Through it, you will go from an amateur hero to a pro and even a legend. Meanwhile, the PvP mode allows you to compete against online players. Other modes also have interesting missions and rules. Explore all your favorite modes.


Dramatic fighting battles

Join the arena, your only task is to defeat the opponent. To do this, learn to use skill manipulation. The game has shortened the movement operation and retained the necessary skill virtual buttons. All these virtual buttons are on the right side of the screen. You just need to click on the virtual buttons to perform the corresponding action, including basic attacks and using primary and secondary skills. Each hero has a maximum of 4 skills and 2 add-ons including a boost and shield. During the fight, you need to combine these skills together to create effective combos of action on the enemy.

Your opponents in Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD APK can be AI or real players, depending on the mode you choose. But every opponent has the ability to reflect back to your hero. So to gain an advantage, you need agility and wisdom. You need to know when to attack and when to defend. Moreover, each hero’s skill will bring a different effect. So, what is the right skill to use in different situations? Each skill also takes a certain amount of time to recover. So when is the right time to use this skill? Answer all the questions yourself, thereby gaining experience to improve.


Unlock and upgrade heroes

The hero system in this game is inspired by the Marvel and DC universes. So you’ll see familiar faces like Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, Loki, Superman, Batman, and more. Each hero has unique stats for Energy, Attack, Speed, and HP. You can consider these stats before deciding on someone to go to war with. Besides, each hero has 4 unique skills. You can improve your stats and skill power by using gold coins. Upgrade non-stop to discover amazing power levels.


Simple but impressive design

This game is designed with a simple and classic stickman style. But it still clearly shows the integrated hero and supervillain image. Heroes not only have a unique appearance but also possess typical skills. The combat effects are also very eye-catching, creating explosive battles. Besides, the arena context will change through the game screen. You can fight in the desert, fantasy city, laboratory… The game background has an interesting connection between heroes and their enemies.

MOD APK feature implemented of Super Stickman Heroes Fight

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gems
  • free shopping
  • unlock all characters

Those are the reasons that you should try Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD APK 4.0 at least once. This fighting game will make you stand still with explosive battles. Take control of your stickman hero and conquer every war. You can also challenge your friends to climb the online leaderboards. This game always has room for you to show off your acting skills.

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