Summoner’s Battle 2048 1.0.2 MOD Shopping Without Money, Lots of Money APK
Summoner's Battle 2048 MOD APK 1.0.2

Summoner’s Battle 2048 1.0.2 MOD Shopping Without Money, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Summoner's Battle 2048
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherManodio Co., Ltd.
Latest Version1.0.2
MOD Free Shopping, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Recruit souls in Summoner’s Battle 2048 to join the battle. Follow the idle action gameplay combined with puzzle elements. You will have to solve fusion-style puzzles to create warriors. From there gather into a group with a large number to attack the enemy. Aim against their waves by destroying them all. From there complete the assigned task to go to the next level. The content of the game is played according to an interesting storyline. In a fantasy world about the appearance of animals. They are summoned by magicians and cursed into demons. At the same time, the dispersion causes the world to perish if all the animals die.

Summoner’s Battle 2048 – Recruit Heroes to Fight Waves of Monsters!

Role-play as a summoner to perform quests. Accordingly, you will have to fight cursed monsters. Through the recruitment of flexible to destroy the enemy. Following the merge puzzle gameplay is played out. The war on the screen will be divided into two parts. The upper part opens the battlefield with the skirmish between heroes and monsters. They will automatically fight and perform their own unique attack skills. In that process, you will have to solve the puzzle in the section shown below. The rhombus is divided into 16 small squares. From there, tap to merge two souls or heroes of the same type to create a higher-level warrior. To increase combat power.Summoner's Battle 2048 MOD

Adventure Mode

Follow the game’s plot to complete quests in Adventure mode. Open up 300 stages with waves of enemies attacking furiously. Accordingly, you can assemble an alliance of up to 10 heroes to fight. Through merge operation to unlock a higher level hero. From there command them to fight the enemy and destroy, aiming to pass the stages. Complete each mission, in turn, to continue to the new stage. The difficulty will increase with many changes, making it difficult for heroes. Shown by a larger number of enemies appearing than before. There are also many new types of enemies with superior combat capabilities. At the same time, when it comes to a certain stage, you also have to fight bosses with terrifying power.Tai Summoner's Battle 2048 MOD

Tower Battle Mode

Come to Summoner’s Battle 2048’s at LMHAPKSXTower Battle mode. Unlock tower defense battles in each level. At each level, there is a real-time competitive battle. Your mission is to solve puzzles to merge, to create higher-level heroes. Also, recruit heroes to summon them to the arena. From there, attack the enemy fortress with the goal of destroying their tower. The war process needs to be kept in mind when summoning heroes. Because it will have to consume crystals with the corresponding amount of each hero. Here crystals are collected after defeating enemies in a skirmish. Combined with the fusion puzzle operation, over time it is possible to recruit high-level heroes.Summoner's Battle 2048 MOD

Arena mode

Do you want to be ranked competitive? Let’s join the Arena mode of the game. From there will have the opportunity to compete with other players according to the 1vs1 mechanism. According to the rules in this mode, the battle will be in real time. In limited time opens the skirmish between the two factions. The gameplay revolves around merging to summon higher-level heroes. The goal is to defeat the enemy force and destroy the tower to end the battle. From there win, demonstrate skill and strength. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to rise to the leaderboard with excellent results achieved after the matches.Game Summoner's Battle 2048 MOD

MOD APK feature implemented of Summoner’s Battle 2048

  • Shopping Without Money
  • Lots of Money

At Summoner’s Battle 2048, there are many different heroes. To recruit them need to merge in turn. Starting from the soul, after joining will create a mage. Continuing to merge two mages will create a warrior. There are many other heroes that will be discovered when participating in the game. The difference between them is not only reflected in their appearance, appearance, costumes, and weapons. But also overestimated stats including health, damage, attack range, movement speed, and skill cooldown. Accordingly, each hero will bring his own fighting style. Especially for heroes with higher levels will attack more superior.

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