Stick Fight – Prison Escape 0.5.9 MOD VIP, Immortal APK
Stick Fight - Prison Escape MOD APK 0.5.9

Stick Fight – Prison Escape 0.5.9 MOD VIP, Immortal APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Stick Fight - Prison Escape
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherMgif Studio
Latest Version0.5.9
MOD VIP, Immortal
Price FREE

Stick Fight – Prison Escape is a fun and addictive 2D platformer action game. Join the game, you will explore hundreds of levels with beautiful graphics. Your mission is to overcome the dark prison, facing many dangers. Use your skills and skillful weapons to defeat guards, spy robots and other opponents. Collect trophies to unlock and upgrade your prisoners. This challenging journey requires prisoners to have skills, intelligence and ingenuity to conquer all.

Stick Fight – Prison Escape – Experience platformer with stickman style!

This game will appeal to action lovers with its physics and popular stickman design. You will join the craziest prison break of a stickman prisoner. Your mission is to help him get through thousands of different prisons to find a way out. You need flexible skills and intelligence to face the traps. Many obstacles will stand in your way. To defeat them, you need to use the stick, jump and move skillfully. Victory will bring you worthy rewards.


The game has more than 1000 levels and is constantly being updated.

The game has over 1000 levels and is constantly being updated. In each level, your prisoner starts from the starting point and must reach the final door to escape. Along the way, he must overcome many challenges such as deep holes, robots, spiked wheels, fire, lava, guards, police, bombs, ammunition and many other obstacles. Each obstacle has its own behavior and attack mechanism, requiring you to have different strategies to overcome and reach the finish line. Don’t forget to collect gold coins, fuel tanks and keys before leaving. They are your spoils.

The controls are simple but difficult to master. You only need to use three arrows (left, right and up) to move and a virtual button to attack. Your job is to coordinate these operations flexibly to overcome obstacles and enemies. For obstacles, just jump and move back and forth to overcome them. But for enemies with weapons and attack mechanisms, defeat them before they are discovered. The challenges in each level appear randomly on the map, so you need to be alert and make timely judgments. Be a quick and clever prisoner. Your escape journey will be full of achievements.


Design your prisoner’s appearance

After each level in Stick Fight – Prison Escape, you will receive many rewards including coins, stars, item cards and scores. Use coins and stars to unlock unique items in the store, including clothes, hats, beards and funny weapons. You can transform prisoners into cowboys, kings, ninjas, racers, rabbits and many other shapes. Equip your character with powerful weapons such as knives, guns, and even carrots. They will help you fight guards and robots in your prison escape journey.


Random and unique background system, creating constant freshness

With thousands of levels in the game, each stage offers a completely new setting. The random and unique setting system creates constant freshness. Changing settings result in different terrain, obstacles, traps, and enemies. You always need new strategies to adapt. No level is the same and no level gets easier as you level up.


Impress with fun, vibrant 2D design

This game impresses with its fun 2D design, vividly depicting obstacles and traps in each level. The stickman character brings closeness and familiarity. The background music is vibrant, engaging, creating a sense of excitement. Character movements from jumping, left, right to attacking are all smooth, giving you a realistic action role-playing experience on your phone.

Stick Fight – Prison Escape MOD APK Features

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • Undefeated

If you love Stick Fight – Prison Escape, download it now at LMHAPKSX. Show your flexibility as you pass crazy prisons and hunt for unique loot. You will face dangerous platforms, flexible enemies and modern equipment. Jump and attack correctly to win.

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