Steel Rage 0.183 MOD VIP, Lots of Ammo APK
Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War MOD APK 0.183

Steel Rage 0.183 MOD VIP, Lots of Ammo APK

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Name Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version0.183
MOD VIP, Unlimited Ammo
Price FREE

Steel Rage is a driving shooting game. Participate in fierce battles on many terrains. You will play the role of a racer controlling a vehicle equipped with weapons. Participate in fierce battles competing with other opponents. Online multiplayer mode with different themes. You can choose to fight 6vs6 or fight alone with up to 30 people. Diverse weapon systems and vehicles with good off-road capabilities. Combine 3D graphics and realistic sound. Experience dramatic competition in the game.

Steel Rage – Online Battle Driving Shooter!

Connect to the internet to engage in online battles with real players. Your opponents have combat experience and use unique vehicles and weapons. Survival matches of up to 30 players have no alliances or factions. Each player is a separate unit, the goal is to survive the onslaught and become the last person to control a vehicle on the battlefield to win.

Game Steel Rage

6vs6 team mode

Join the 6vs6 team battle, you and your friends and other players will form a group. Get ready to fight opponents in a battle of up to 12 people, lasting up to 10 minutes. The mission of both sides is to capture bases on the battlefield. Face and attack the enemy to destroy them, prevent them from capturing bases and increase the winning rate. Destroyed enemy vehicles cannot be revived. The battle lasts until all enemy vehicles are destroyed and all bases are captured.

Steel Rage

Use skills

In Steel Rage, online battles between armed vehicles are very dramatic. In addition to firing bullets at enemies, you can also use many different skills. For example, create a temporary shield to defend, reducing damage when attacked by enemies. Use missiles to attack from a distance, even when obscured by terrain. Or activate nitro to increase speed, helping you chase or escape. To optimize the effectiveness of skills, you need to upgrade them with money, thereby increasing important stats.

Steel Rage

Many tasks to perform

Battles require performing various tasks. The system provides a list of specific tasks that need to be completed to receive rewards. For example, moving 50 thousand meters on the battlefield, participating and winning the first battle, shooting down 8 enemies or destroying at least 2 opponents in a fight. Even participating in 50 battles is required. Many other tasks will open up after each challenge is completed.

The game offers 13 types of cars with different styles

The game offers 13 types of cars with different styles such as mini, sports, off-road, SUV and muscle. Each car is designed to be sturdy and can be equipped with guns. The cars differ in speed, acceleration and durability. Only one car is free at the beginning, the rest have to be purchased with money.

Steel Rage

Steel Rage MOD APK Features

  • Mod Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • Full Ammo
  • Got It All

The weapon system in Steel Rage consists of three types: light, medium and heavy. Each type has many options such as machine guns, missiles, AP bullets, etc. You can equip up to 4 types of weapons in each battle. This not only helps change the attack style but also improves efficiency in all situations. However, note that each type of gun has a limited number of bullets and needs time to reload after firing all.

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