Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG MOD VIP, Unlimited Energy, Energy APK
Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG MOD APK

Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG MOD VIP, Unlimited Energy, Energy APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 weeks ago)
Name Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherGaijin Distribution KFT
Latest Version1.7.82.30601
MOD VIP, Unlimited Energy, Energy
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

Get ready to join the battles in Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG. Revolving around the fierce attack between spaceships. The content of the game revolves around fierce interstellar battles. Accordingly, you will have to unlock to assemble a fleet of spaceships and enter space. From there, carry out missions against invasions from many different dangers. The goal is to destroy the enemy force so that you can win. Complete assigned tasks to come up with bigger challenges. The ultimate goal is to prevent alien forces from invading the world. To do that requires deploying strategy, arranging formations, and strengthening your fleet.

Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG – Fleet Commander Joins the Galactic War!

Based on the content of the game to perform combat missions. You can assemble a fleet of 4 spaceships. From there, lead to participating in 4vs4 action battles. Based on the mode takes place in the skirmish between the forces of the two factions. The spaceships will automatically attack, constantly firing to deal damage. In addition to tracking activity going on in the war. You can also actively use the special power of each spaceship. Activate to perform an attack with massive damage. However, it should be noted that the special power is only activated when the stored energy is full.Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG MOD

Campaign mode

Assemble a fleet to engage in campaign mode. Open fierce wars on the stars. Each level takes place in a skirmish over an extragalactic star. Concurrency is phased and takes place in real-time. Your mission is to command a fleet against enemy forces in outer space. Do not stop firing and firing bullets to attack. Destroy each enemy unit in turn until you pass the stages. Win to be able to complete the mission at a level. From there can receive rewards including valuable loot and go to the next level.

Achievements according to specific tasks

From space battles in the campaign mode of Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG. Will have to perform the task given in each level. Including win, win but not lose and not damage more than 2 ships. Achievements in each star war will be judged by the number of stars. Based on the specific conditions mentioned above, each star will correspond to a mission. Accordingly, you can achieve up to 3 stars if you win excellently. This means completing the assigned tasks. Based on the achievement achieved will receive corresponding rewards.Game Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG MOD

Boss fighting, space robbery and information gathering mode

The extragalactic battle doesn’t just stop at the campaign mode. It also opens up many other modes to challenge your strategy and fleet strength. Includes anti-space bandits, boss fights, and portal modes. Each mode opens the gameplay with different rules that need to be followed. Also offers individually themed challenges for you to explore.

  • Boss mode: Your fleet faces a fierce attack from large spaceships. At the same time possessing outstanding strength and fierce attack.
  • Portal mode: Overcome waves of enemies through battles across the stars. Win to collect information and go further, discovering new stars
  • Space Bandit Mode: The gameplay is similar to the campaign mode, against spaceships. But the enemies to face are bandits capable of more intense fighting.

Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG MOD

PvP and clan mode

The game also offers an online mode for the opportunity to participate in PvP matches. Here you can compete and fight with other players’ fleets. From there, rank the strength and strategy based on the outcome of the battle. To win need to assemble your strongest fleet. Successfully destroy the opponent’s airships. You can also apply to join or create your own clan. Through it make friends with people or form alliances with other commanders. Team up with them to fight together in rivalries between clans.Tai Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG MOD

At Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG there are more than 56 spaceships. Typical as Templar, Apollo, Ghost, Archelon,… and many more. Each spaceship is designed with a unique shape. Expressed through components and colors. Especially possessing outstanding combat stats. Can cause great damage after each fire in the battle. Their ability is also assessed by the amount of health, damage and defense. It also has its own special power. Can be activated to deal unique style damage and attack enemies.

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