SoundHound∞ 10.2.2 MOD Extra Unlocked APK
SoundHound∞ MOD APK 10.2.2

SoundHound∞ 10.2.2 MOD Extra Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name SoundHound∞
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherSoundHound Inc.
Latest Version10.2.2
MOD Extra Unlocked
CategoryMusic & Audio
Price FREE

SoundHound∞ is the best music identification application available today. With this app, you can know the identity of any tune from the music source or hum with your mouth shut. To do that, you just need to open the recording on the app to record the tune. After a few seconds, you will know the song title, along with the artist’s name, album name, and more. You can also play music directly on this app or connect to popular music players like Apple Music and Spotify. The song also has accompanying lyrics and excellent sound quality. Let’s discover more about this application.

SoundHound – Song recognizer and music player!

Why do you need SoundHound∞? That’s when you want to identify songs from certain music sources. For example, you may hear tunes in a cafe but not know what song it is from. You want to listen to these tunes again and again on your music player. And you just need to open this app to do it. You can even listen to that song instantly on music players. This application cooperates with Apple Music, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So it owns a huge database, enough to make you a music expert.


Identify all tunes

Just one touch to start the music recognition process. After tapping the record function, this app automatically records the tune from the nearest played source. It will then tell you which song and artist the tunes come from. It also recommends you listen to music right through Spotify and many other music players. For the most accurate recognition results, you need to make sure the source has good sound quality and little noise.

Besides, this application can also identify music through singing or humming. The recognition possibilities seem to be limitless, as long as the input is meaningful tunes. Moreover, with a huge database, the application is capable of detecting and giving accurate results. It also has a “History” feature for you to review past searches. Thanks to that, you don’t need to waste time searching from the beginning.


Discover your favorite song

More than just a music recognizer, SoundHound∞ is also a place to discover music. This app will suggest you a “Music Map” with new music finds near you. This music map also has a large number of songs discovered around the world. In addition, you can also discover more latest albums, artists, and songs. If you like someone, click follow them to get regular notifications.

The app gives you access to photos, bios, albums, band info, artists’ birthdays, and more. It’s the ideal way to get to know more about your musical idol. Moreover, the most popular songs will appear on the homepage of the application. You won’t miss out on the latest global music trends in real-time.


Play high-quality music

Basically, this app is still a music player. Although not comparable to apps like Spotify, it still possesses many outstanding features. For example, this app offers premium music playback quality, intuitive lyrics, and a beautiful music playback interface. On the music playback interface, you will see the lyrics running to the tune right below. Thanks to that, you can listen to music while humming along to the lyrics.

Plus, you can listen to music in your favorites connected to Spotify, Apple Music, and more. With just a few touches, you can instantly jump to these famous music players. Songs found in SoundHound∞ also automatically move to your library on Spotify. With synchronization like this, your library is constantly being refreshed. If you want more songs, buy albums or songs in the Play Store.


Share music quickly

Want to spread your favorite music everywhere? Just one “click” to share your favorite songs on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more. When sharing songs, you have the right to customize the icon, lyrics, and music playback time,… Most of the songs are copyrighted. So feel free to express your personality on social media through your musical taste!

Don’t miss SoundHound∞ if you love music. This app will turn you into a music expert with top-notch song recognition. It does this thanks to its huge database and cooperation with many other music platforms. Not only music recognition, but you can also listen to music with this app. Sharing music is also super simple. The quality of the song is undisputed. In particular, each song has accompanying lyrics for you to express the song in your own way.

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