Siege Hero Wizards 1.3.9 MOD VIP, Invulnerable, Lots of Money APK
Siege Hero Wizards MOD APK 1.3.9

Siege Hero Wizards 1.3.9 MOD VIP, Invulnerable, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Siege Hero Wizards
Requires Android 2.3
PublisherArmor Games
Latest Version1.3.9
MOD VIP, Invulnerable, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Siege Hero Wizards is a game built with puzzle-style content. Your mission is to use magical magical powers to destroy monsters. Through puzzles combined with addictive physics mechanics. Accordingly, you will have to comply with the rules and conditions set forth in each mission. The goal is to wipe out all orcs on the terrain to win. From there, there is a chance to receive new powers to help you overcome difficulties. This is a single-player offline game. When you join, you can experience the features completely free of charge. With a combination of vivid 3D graphics. Expressed through the sharp image quality and environment in the forest. Bringing you interesting puzzles.

Siege Hero Wizards – Use Magic Power to Defeat ORC!

Follow the content of the game to perform the task by chapter. Each chapter opens up many different levels of play. Those are the puzzles to test your skills. Use magic power with a limited number of attacks. The objective is to wipe out all orc enemies in their own base. From there will complete the mission to be able to reach the new level. Pass each level in turn until the required conditions are met. At that time, the system will unlock the next chapter. With many exciting things waiting ahead. But at the same time, there are difficulties that need to be conquered to prove the skill.Siege Hero Wizards

Puzzle level quests

Go through the puzzle levels in each chapter when participating in the game. It is necessary to perform the task according to the given conditions. For example, wipe out orc enemies and win. Or rescue the magician who is being captured and held by them. Collect energy pots to unlock new powers. There are many other missions that will be recreated according to each level of play. Moreover, every time a new task is started, many factors change. Especially the appearance of the orcs in their base. Each level opens at a differently shaped base. There will be no repetition to challenge puzzle skills. Can you complete the mission at each level? Skills will determine the outcome.Game Siege Hero Wizards

The difficulty of the quest is increasing

In each puzzle of the game Siege Hero Wizards. The difficulty will increase when coming to the next level, many factors will be changed. From the defense base of the orc is designed another shape. Their buildings are built more and more solidly and firmly. Or in the quest to rescue the captured image, the number of mages that need to be rescued will increase. Not stopping there, the number of orc monsters to destroy is also more than before. At the same time, they are protected by the construction. This makes it very difficult for you to successfully complete tasks at new levels.

Achievements in each puzzle mission are represented by the number of stars. Each star is rated through a specific specific condition. Includes completing assigned quests, wiping out orc enemies from their base, and reaching the required number of achievement points. If you want to reach the maximum number of stars, you need to successfully complete the tasks. From there will receive attractive rewards.Tai Siege Hero Wizards

The process takes place

Based on the puzzle gameplay that takes place on each level. You will use magical power to attack the base of the orcs. Cause the impact to cause their construction to collapse. From the actual physics that has been recreated, the orcs will be destroyed shortly after. But it should be noted that each level will limit the number of attacks. If you use all your magic power and still cannot complete the specified request. This means that the task will fail and must be restarted until it is completed. Only then can you go to the next level.Siege Hero Wizards

There are many types of magic power to use attack. Accordingly, each time you reach a certain level, the system will unlock new powers. Besides, it is also possible to use the power of the elements when needed. But it needs to go through the exchange of energy bottles to receive support power. Includes earthquakes, falling rocks, lightning strikes, and tornadoes. Each elemental power grants a unique ability when used. For example, earthquakes will cause the ground to shake, which in turn leads to the complete collapse of enemy buildings. Or when using a tornado, it will blow away items built on the base. The remaining powers will be learned by you when participating.

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