SHAMAN KING 2.0.001 MOD Menu VIP, High Damage/Defense APK

SHAMAN KING 2.0.001 MOD Menu VIP, High Damage/Defense APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 month ago)
Requires Android 6.0
PublisherStudio Z
Latest Version2.0.001
MOD Menu, High Damage/Defense
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

SHAMAN KING is a game adapted from the series of the same name. This game has just been released not long ago but is loved by a large number of fans. It is built with turn-based action gameplay combined with role-playing elements. Accordingly, you can gather up to 3 characters to participate in the battle and enjoy the fiery combat. The selected characters come from the hero system taken from the original series. They are designed with a 3D appearance, are voiced, and possess impressive skill effects. Following these characters, you will have the opportunity to discover more about the game’s story.

SHAMAN KING – An action game adapted from a manga!

If you are a fan of the SHAMAN KING series then this game will make you excited. It is inspired by the series both in terms of content, images, and graphic style. Accordingly, the story of the game takes place in a strange world – where the Shaman is the main character line. They are the ones who can connect people with souls from the dead land, thereby creating powerful magical power. You are also one of them, and more specifically Manta. You will play the role of this character and explore the world with other magicians.


Take part in turn-based battles

The adventures of the Manta and other Shamans will take place according to the progress of the quest system. In each mission, your job is to gather Shamans to defeat other forces in the congress of mages. If you play in PvP mode, the opponent is the online player. Regardless of the mode, the gameplay mechanics are the same. Battles will be turn-based with up to 6 characters (3v3 APK. You can choose to add 2 extra character cards depending on the game mode. Then you and the character cards will enter the arena.

During the battle, you have control over all the characters through the corresponding cards. Each character will have its own set of skills with different effects. You can choose one of the skills at each turn. The skills will be accompanied by eye-catching 2D cutscenes, contributing to the hero’s personality and action style. After each turn, you will witness the dialogue between the character and the enemy. Next is the counterattack from the opponent. Just like that, the battle will end when one of the two sides loses all HP.


Discover the unique character system

SHAMAN KING will delight fans of the series by bringing typical characters into the game. These include familiar names such as Manta, Yoh Asakura, Anna Osoreyama, and Holohoro. They are all reproduced in 3D graphics and voiced by professional actors. Therefore, it can be said that the character system is the most well-invested thing in the game. Each character will bring you an interesting role-playing feeling. But consider before choosing someone to join the squad.

The character system is hierarchical according to the number of stars (from 1 to 5 stars APK. The more stars a character has, the stronger and rarer it is. You can only unlock new characters when you reach a certain level. Besides, you can upgrade the character lineup to improve their stats. When leveling up, the character will have new skills and add-ons. New power levels will be unlocked as the character acquires new skills and upgrades.


Enjoy the storyline with many new points

The author of this game built the plot based on the original series. However, some new details have been added to enrich the story content. You can explore these details through the dialogues and cutscenes that appear in the game. But you have to do quests and level up if you want to explore all parts of the story. Besides the original storyline, the relationship between the characters is also gradually revealed. The link between them is an important factor that makes this game attractive.


2D and 3D anime style

This game combines both 2D and 3D graphic styles to simulate the whole story. Accordingly, the character’s shapes in battles and cutscenes will be in 3D. Meanwhile, you will observe their 2D appearance when accessing the character card system. The images of these characters are reproduced from the original. However, they come to life not only in expressions but also in movements and skills. Wars become more explosive than ever thanks to those effects.

So are you ready for the war with the Shamans? Let’s download SHAMAN KING to do it now. This game will give you the ultimate turn-based wars. In particular, the combat screen with eye-catching skill effects will make you fascinated. Moreover, the interesting details extracted from the original series are also extremely attractive. Explore them all as you go through the chapters of the game.

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