Score! Hero 2022 2.84 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Energy, Free Rewind APK
Score! Hero 2022  MOD APK 2.84

Score! Hero 2022 2.84 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Energy, Free Rewind APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Score! Hero 2022
Requires Android 6.0
PublisherFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Latest Version2.84
MOD Menu, Unlimited Energy, Free Rewind
Price FREE

Score! Hero 2022 is an incredible soccer game. It sets itself apart from the rest when it comes to realistic simulation gameplay on 3D graphics. Join the game, you can play the role of a superstar on the field, make your own skillful shots and score goals into the opponent’s net. It is a wonderful feeling that every football player and fan enjoys. But there’s no need for 90-minute matches to test your abilities. It was like a short game with just a few passes and shots to score. Wasn’t that the most exciting moment? Moreover, the subtle camera angles will help vividly depict your every movement on the field and the cheers of the audience. A stadium full of people, green grass, and players. All that makes this game which has addictive football gameplay.

Score! Hero 2022 – Become a pitch superstar in a 3D world!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a real soccer player? So why not try Score! Hero 2022, a sports game that clearly depicts the best moments of football. It allows you to play the role of an excellent player who is on a journey to build his name. You think you are ordinary, but in reality, you are the one chosen to do extraordinary things on the pitch.

You can make skillful shots and try to score goals to bring victory to the team. Moreover, you have the right to design your player’s personal life and appearance, choose to join a team, and develop your skills… If that’s your favorite experience, don’t hesitate to explore this game. Attractive gameplay, realistic 3D graphics, and many other interesting things will keep you in the experience for a long time.


Player design with many options

Before joining the matches, you can design your own players. There are dozens of options to customize the character, including the hairstyle, hair color, face type, pants, shirt, shirt number, and more. There is no limit to the freedom to design as you like. You can even unlock new styles of soccer jerseys as you become a player for a new team. Don’t hesitate to shop for other accessories to make the player stand out. Those things did not affect his ability. But of course, it makes you more excited about the upcoming journey.

Play like a great striker

In the game, your task is to help the player build his reputation in the big tournaments. There, you can participate in amazing football matches and can decide for yourself whether you will win or lose. No need for a talented coach or 11 players on the pitch. Just you and a few other players to create the most valuable moments on the pitch. You will swipe on the screen to pass the ball, shoot the ball, and score. Therefore, to win against your opponent, you need to have accuracy in adjusting the ball. A little deviation can also cause you to miss your chance for a decisive goal in Score! Hero 2022.

The gameplay of the game will go like that from level to level. But the level of difficulty will gradually increase over time, requiring your progress in both skill and experience. Each winning battle will give you bonuses and accumulated points for promotion. At that time, you can use the bonus to buy more, thereby upgrading the player in both appearance and level.


Unlock major leagues and teams

Over time, gamers can expand their journey to many of the biggest countries and tournaments on the planet. There, you will face new opponents, enter new fields and enjoy the passionate atmosphere in every corner of the world. Furthermore, you can unlock newly licensed teams and choose to be a part of their team. With the new stops, you’ll have the chance to discover new pitches, leagues, and fans. Thanks to that, your journey will be increasingly expanded and many attractive rewards will come to the players.

Realistic 3D graphics

Amazing football matches are realistically simulated on 3D graphics. It immerses you in the enthusiasm and excitement often seen in major football tournaments. Each movement of the player and the ball on the field is described clearly and intuitively. The cheers of the audience in the stands, the effect of the passes, and more were all impressive. All of that will keep you on the long-term entertainment journey.


Don’t hesitate to join Score! Hero 2022 if you are a football fan. Play as an excellent player and prove your talent to conquer every tournament. Pass the ball, shoot the ball, and score into the opponent’s net. Then enjoy the cheers and applause of the fans. That precious moment is clearly portrayed in this game. You can enjoy it now.

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