Rope Savior 3D 1.7.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK
Rope Savior 3D MOD APK 1.7.0

Rope Savior 3D 1.7.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Become a hero right in the game Rope Savior 3D MOD APK 1.7.0. Your task is to install seat belts to prevent vehicles from losing speed control and causing serious accidents. This version gives you a VIP menu with lots of money to help you unlock and upgrade necessary equipment. More specifically, you won't have to worry about being interrupted by ads. Become a hero right in this game to protect the safety of everyone and experience a new feeling. 
Name Rope Savior 3D
Requires Android 7.0
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version1.7.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, No Ads
Price FREE

Challenge your brain in exciting rescue puzzles in the game Rope Savior 3D. This is a puzzle game with attractive gameplay. The content revolves around the operation of putting up rescue ropes to prevent vehicles from losing control of their speed, causing them to stop before causing serious consequences. The game is designed graphically based on a 2D platform. Use bright image quality to recreate a vibrant space. Along with that, unique features are used to help players have the best experience when participating. Along with that is a system of challenging missions that take place at each increasing level. Combining a very simple touch and drag control mechanism helps you perform operations with ease.

Rope Savior 3D – Connect Rope To Create A Safe Barrier!

Rope Savior 3D is a completely free game. Once downloaded to mobile, it can be experienced in offline mode. Here, you will become a street hero. Carry out tasks to prevent out of control vehicles to protect people crossing the road. Or depending on the location, there will be other things that need to be protected. The goal is to prevent serious accidents that will occur due to strong impacts from vehicles moving at high speed. Lots of different locations, expressed through environments and landscapes. They already have fixed pins set up. Your task is to use the rope to connect to the dowel bars to create a safe barrier. Combine using your mind’s creativity to solve all difficulties.Rope Savior 3D

Missions according to each level of play

Based on the mission system of the game Rope Savior 3D, the challenges will be divided into different levels. Your task is to connect the ropes with fixed pegs, thereby creating a safety barrier. Immediately after that a vehicle will rush at high speed if the barrier you created can be stopped, completing the mission. On the contrary, the ropes broke and chaos ensued. This means that if the mission fails, it will take more time to try again. Rewards received upon completion include gold coins. The number of coins will increase with each level. Continue the challenge in the next level. The difficulty will increase with more difficult challenges than before. The vehicle’s moving speed will be faster. Can create a very strong impact force on the barrier.Game Rope Savior 3D

Vehicles and locations

The mission system of the game Rope Savior 3D is very diverse. Through the levels, you will experience many different challenges. The differences between tasks are expressed through means. Including cars, canoes, cargo ships, speedboats and airplanes,… much more. Along with the means, many locations were opened. Each location will recreate the collision environment of a vehicle. For example in the city with the appearance of people passing on the street. You will have to connect seat belts to protect them from a car that is losing control of its speed. On waters with cargo ships and canoes needed to protect the lighthouse from collision. Or the construction site area is under construction, creating a safety barrier to help pedestrians avoid losing their lives.Rope Savior 3D ears

Achievement, creativity

Achievements in each level of play are expressed through the number of stars. A challenge in Rope Savior 3D can get a maximum of 3 stars. The amount of bonus received will correspond to the number of stars achieved. In some levels, the system even provides conditions that must be followed. For example, you must achieve excellent results with the maximum number of stars to continue to the next level. To do that requires skill along with the intelligence of a creative mind. Connect the ropes to the fixed latch bar in many ways to create the safest barrier, thereby successfully preventing the vehicle from losing control at high speeds. Over time, accumulating experience and learning from mistakes will prove your skills during the task.Rope Savior 3D

In the process connect the rope to create a safety barrier. You need to pay attention to the length of the rope in each level in Rope Savior 3D. The length will be limited, meaning random connections cannot be made. It will be necessary to observe the number of fixed bars pre-set by the system. The distance between them depends on each challenge. Through tracking the horizontal bar is displayed. You will know the length of the extension cord, measured in meters. Besides, there will be many different strings. For example, rubber bands, chains,… and some other types.

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