Rocket Car Soccer League Games 1.18 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK
Rocket Car Soccer League Games MOD APK 1.18

Rocket Car Soccer League Games 1.18 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Rocket Car Soccer League Games
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.18
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, No ADS
Price FREE

Rocket Car Soccer League Games is a car-driving game that combines soccer. Adopt a third-person perspective to control your car. Move to a large football field and compete with other racers. The driving target crashes into the giant ball to create an impact. Aim to bring the ball into the goal protected by a moving vehicle. This game can be played in offline mode with interesting features to be experienced for free. But it will require the use of game-specific currency to perform the unlocking. Shown by the symbol of the machine badge. Besides, the game is also combined with 3D graphics. Based on that foundation reproduce the vivid environment and sharp image quality.

Rocket Car Soccer League Games – Action Race, Football Competition, and Destruction!

The content of the game revolves around rocket football races. Follow the competitive gameplay between racers on the football field. Control your own car to operate on the field. Aim to score achievement points with as many goals as possible, through driving impact on the ball to fly to the goal. Each race will take place in real time and specifically designated. After the countdown reaches zero or successfully destroys the opponent’s vehicle, the race will end. Based on the points achieved during the driving game. You will receive badges with the corresponding number.Rocket Car Soccer League Games

Soccer League e

Test your soccer driving skills in the game’s Soccer League mode. Unleash the levels in order with competitive AI vehicles. Each level takes place on a football field that is simulated in a live environment. Featuring 4 racers on the field to compete in real-time, 4 minutes countdown. Control your vehicle to move to impact to get the ball into the goal. At the same time, it is possible to use the equipped missile to attack the opponent. Deals damage with the goal of destroying all 3 enemy vehicles on the field. As well as trying to score as many points as possible. From there finish the thrilling action race to the next level.Game Rocket Car Soccer League Games

Demolition mode and Endless Match

Rocket Car Soccer League Games game has all 3 modes in addition to the Soccer League mode mentioned above. There are also two other modes, Demolition, and Endless Match. Accordingly, you can come to Demolition mode to enjoy intense competitive racing. Enjoy the destruction between vehicles in the arena. Non-stop attack each other with equipped missiles. Especially the collisions that cause the vehicle to overturn, lose control to cause damage. Accordingly, if you want to win in this mode, you need to safely survive the attacks, and become the last racer who can control the vehicle in action.

In the game’s Endless Match mode, the gameplay is similar to the two modes mentioned above. But the course of the action race will not be limited by time. Can both play football, as well as attack to destroy the opponent’s vehicle. From there, there will be endless competition to find the racer with the best performance.Tai Rocket Car Soccer League Games

Racing car system

Races will be held with the participation of many different vehicles. They are designed in their own distinctive style. Those are cars that are equipped with more parts and customize the exterior. The difference between them can be easily seen through paint colors, skins and designs. Not stopping there, the performance of each racing car will not be the same. Judging by the specs, testable in the races. However, to own a favorite racing car. Must be unlocked through accumulated badges. Depending on the vehicle will need a different number of badges.Rocket Car Soccer League Games

Racing cars in the game Rocket Car Soccer League Games is not only used to move. But they are also operated to attack to destroy enemy vehicles. Accordingly, it will be equipped with boosters capable of causing damage from a long distance. To increase the destructive power of the missile can be upgraded. From there will achieve better performance in competitive races. Besides, you can also use nitro to increase the maximum speed of the vehicle. But it can only be used for a certain period of time. However, making effective use of nitro will bring great benefits. Not only causes a strong impact when hitting the ball. It is also possible to escape the chase from the opponent.

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