Robot Shark 3.4.1 MOD Unlimited Upgrade Points APK
Robot Shark MOD APK 3.4.1

Robot Shark 3.4.1 MOD Unlimited Upgrade Points APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Robot Shark
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherNaxeex Robots
Latest Version3.4.1
MOD Unlimited Upgrade Points
Price FREE

Robot Shark is an action RPG game with a sci-fi theme. Join the game, you will transform into a robot shark. But your mission is not to find food or defeat other fish. You can transform into many different shapes and have a mission as a warrior. The game allows you to move freely on the map, even on land and on water. Thanks to that, you can freely participate in tasks such as shooting, driving, flying, swimming, and treasure hunting. Don’t let police or military forces get in the way of your freedom. Let’s fight and defeat them to master this world.

Robot Shark – Act like a robot gangster!

Perhaps you are no stranger to the GTA series. But if you’re looking for a new thrill of action, Robot Shark is the place to stop. This game has the same gameplay as GTA but is built in the future. So instead of playing the role of a normal gangster guy, you will become a robot gangster. You can act and adventure freely through the virtual buttons on the screen. A large open world meticulously designed with many mysteries will capture your curiosity. Furthermore, there are no time limits, speed limits, penalties, or other rules. Thus, the game allows your robot to roam around to dominate the underworld.


Take part in exciting quests

In principle, you can operate freely in the open world of the game. But if you want to go on a meaningful journey, explore its quest system. There, there are hundreds of different tasks with sizes and levels from easy to difficult. They help you go from reaching the world to conquering and exploring every corner of this place. Basically, these missions will revolve around activities such as shooting, driving, exploring the city, chasing enemies, etc. To complete the mission, you need a specific action plan. Besides, practice mastering the controls in the game.

You will move the character with the joystick and click the virtual buttons to act. However, the console will change dynamically when you are in different states. If you drive, there will be virtual buttons such as an accelerator, brake, virtual steering wheel… When you swim underwater, just a joystick and tail control button. While in the combat robot state, you can aim, fire, and use other support items. So no matter what state you are in, you will always have the most authentic immersive feeling. Combine actions to develop your action strategy. In difficult missions on a large scale, you also need to use a lot of high-end equipment and vehicles.


Large space to explore

The open world in Robot Shark is somewhat more advanced than GTA. Because it does not limit the scope of exploration on the ground. The game world includes all 3 areas, air, land, and water. Your robot can transform into many different shapes to adapt to these environments. Specifically, when underwater, the robot will become a shark to swim. When on the ground, it will take the form of a “mech” or a fighting robot. Even when it has to participate in air battles, it can fly thanks to automatic propulsion or turn into an aircraft. So you will feel like you are playing multiple characters at the same time. And every character has its own characteristics to explore and enjoy.


Unique weapon collection

Despite being an almighty robot, you also need supporting weapons to easily complete the task. In the game’s store, you’ll find a bunch of cool stuff. These are pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, armor, skins, ammunition, etc. You can unlock them and integrate them into the robot to become invincible. Besides weapons, there is also a vehicle system. You will see them in the open world, from ordinary cars to racing cars, sports cars, tanks, police cars, helicopters, planes, and more.


Realistic 3D images

Compared to GTA, this game is not inferior in terms of graphics. It is designed on a high-end 3D graphics platform, providing a great experience space. Images of robots, vehicles, and weapons are very realistic. Your every movement in the many transformed shapes is also incredibly smooth. Besides, the open world is simulated in quite a detail. It includes modern downtowns, suburbs, waters, and more. Take your time to explore every corner of the world,

So, are you ready for this exciting role-playing experience? Robot Shark will make you fall in love with its immersive feeling and lifelike action. You can drive, swim, move freely, fight, and adventure. Enjoy these activities in the huge open world. Many fascinating quests and many mysterious locations are waiting for you to explore.

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