Robbery Bob 2 1.12.5 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble MOD APK 1.12.5

Robbery Bob 2 1.12.5 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.12.5
MOD Free Shopping
Price FREE

Robbery Bob 2 is the second installment in the Robbery Bob series of games. Continuing the content of the previous version. Here are more new features for you to explore. From the changing and more complicated quest system than before, to the stories that need clarification. The content still revolves around the thief Bob. Target steals valuables from many houses in different areas. But this time security guards and beneficiaries are not as easily deceived as before. They will be more sensitive when something unusual happens in their own home. Make it very difficult for you to take away valuable items. Not stopping there, going through the theft will discover many new places.

Robbery Bob 2 – Accompany Bob to Perform Valuable Thefts!

Follow the story of the game to continue the action of stealing with the character Bob. More than 100 levels open to challenge your abilities. The gameplay is similar to the previous version. Still happening in real-time, but there will be challenges along the way. In each level, it is necessary to steal valuable items in the house that you broke into in a specific amount. At the same time avoid detection of living members. The goal is to leave the safe house within the time limit. From there successfully take away valuable items to prove ability. Achieve excellence and go on a new journey.Robbery Bob 2

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Based on what happens during the looting on a level. From there will achieve the corresponding achievement after completing the mission. Accordingly, achievements will be evaluated by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Each star corresponds to a specific condition that must be fulfilled. Including the number of stolen items, time limit, and avoiding the number of people in the house. Based on the number of stars achieved after finishing a level will receive the corresponding bonus. The amount will not stop increasing when coming to the next level. Help you can use to unlock and trade.Game Robbery Bob 2

Increasing difficulty

Every time come to the next level of the second part Robbery Bob 2. Bob will move to another house to continue his theft. But the difficulty will increase with many factors being changed. From the terrain in the house is designed more complex. As well as the location of valuables hidden in easy-to-detect places. Puts you in danger if you are not careful. Not stopping there, the conditions to be completed at new levels have also increased. For example, in a short time, but need to steal more items and leave the house with a large area.Tai Robbery Bob 2

Some notes when stealing

The process of stealing requires many things to pay attention to. If you try to run really fast, it will make a loud noise. At this time, people living in the house will find out. Or when moving slowly, stealthily needing to avoid their sight. Because if you go into sight, it will mean being detected and they will chase you. Besides, sometimes it is also necessary to distract to find the opportunity to steal and leave the area of ​​​​the house. For example, when they block the door, objects can be used to make noises. Then quickly leave and hide in the wall mustache to avoid detection. Take advantage of that opportunity until they leave, needing to move quickly to steal items.

Use support tools

There is no guarantee that you will succeed in all your thefts. Therefore, it will need support from many different tools. Using them will help you solve some problems when you encounter them. From there can complete the excellent task to continue the journey. For example, control the vehicle to move. Use teleport mines to leave the current location without a trace. Using a piece of medicated bread to make others go to the toilet if they eat it. Much more will be discovered as the game progresses.Robbery Bob 2

From the money received after completing the thefts at Robbery Bob 2. Can be used to buy various items in the shop. Accordingly, you can change Bob’s appearance with many outstanding outfits. Starting from the prison outfit. Later, you can change winter and summer clothes with many different designs. But it should be noted that the amount to buy each outfit will not be the same. Depending on your favorite, accumulating the corresponding amount will buy the desired outfit.

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