Pixtica 2023.6 MOD Premium Unlocked APK
Pixtica MOD APK 2023.6

Pixtica 2023.6 MOD Premium Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Pixtica
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherPerraco Labs
Latest Version2023.6
MOD Premium Unlocked
CategoryPhoto & Video
Price FREE

If you are looking for a photo editing and video editing application in one, then Pixtica is for you. This application is packed with many features, helping to turn your phone camera into a professional lens. At the same time, it has a full set of tools to edit images such as filters, crop, text, remove background, customize color, etc. You can even use it to customize videos like increase/ reduce speed, create GIFs, and more. In general, what you need is available here whether you are an amateur or professional photographer. With a clean interface design, accessing this application is not difficult.

Pixtica – Advanced camera, photo, and video editing!

It’s not hard to find photo or video editing apps on your phone. But to edit photos and videos in the same place, Pixtica is one of those rare applications. Not only provides a professional photo and video editing toolset, but this application also has a high-end camera. Thus, you immediately have the 3 best things to become a professional photographer: a camera, photo editor, and video editor. It also has a range of other supporting features to make your experience more convenient.


Own a professional camera

Most smartphones today have high-end cameras. But in general, they are not intended for intensive photography like real camera lenses. Therefore, you will need this app to take better photos. Before shooting, you can adjust ISO, exposure, balance, shutter speed, etc. These factors will change the angle of light and many other things that make a good photo.

Next, this app also has many camera modes such as panorama mode, HDR, and portrait mode. Panorama mode helps you magnify the camera’s angle of view, thereby covering more subjects in the frame while maintaining sharpness. HDR mode brings an artistic watercolor effect. Finally, portrait mode is used to take close-up photos of the face as a card or avatar. This mode can blur the background, thereby bringing out the details on the face.


Edit photos from basic to advanced

The ability that Pixtica does best is in image editing. It has basic editing tools like cropping, rotating, zooming in/out, and adding frames, borders, and collages. When stitching photos, you can choose from a variety of arrangements. You can also add frames to your collage from the available options. If you want advanced photo editing, you should explore the app’s resource library.

There you’ll find a bunch of filters, stickers, textures, fonts, colors, and more. Plus, you can customize the brightness, color balance, saturation, contrast, and more. Combine these features together to create the desired image. Especially, don’t forget to add funny icons and stickers to make photos more vivid.


Edit videos with basic features

For video editing, this app has basic tools. Even so, you will find the video editing tools to be enough to create unique videos. First of all, you have the right to upload as many videos as you want, merge videos together, trim video redundancy, etc. Next, you can customize the video speed such as slowing down or fast forward. This will create interesting effects for your video.

In addition, the application also has functions such as creating GIFs and memes. When creating GIFs, you can customize the capture mode, loop, and more. As for the meme maker, it has a large selection of high-quality stickers for creative, design freedom. Once you’re done designing, you’ll export memes and GIFs, photos, and videos in high quality.

Some other useful features

Besides the main functions related to photo and video editing, this application also has some other useful features, such as:

Scan documents: Input is any type of document and output is a JPEG or PDF document. This feature makes it easier to create initial raw images.

QR scanner: This feature helps you scan any barcode to trace the origin of documents, view photos, and watch videos,…


Clean interface, touch to use

Despite possessing a series of features, the application interface is very neat and intuitive. Most of the features are fully located on the toolbar, allowing you to edit photos and videos with just a few taps. Moreover, the photo editing space is quite open, and the effect time for customization is also quite fast. That way, you don’t have to wait after applying an effect or using a feature.

As can be seen, Pixtica is the perfect application for editing photos and videos. Instead of having to download two separate apps, you only need one place to edit photos and videos as you like. This application possesses a rich resource of filters, effects, stickers, icons, and different shooting modes. Use them to make your own photo or video.

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