Pirates Outlaws 4.12 MOD Lots of Money APK
Pirates Outlaws MOD APK 4.12

Pirates Outlaws 4.12 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Pirates Outlaws
Requires Android 6.0
PublisherFabled Game
Latest Version4.12
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Pirates Outlaws is a fighting-style card game. The content revolves around the battles between pirates. Accordingly, you will play the role of the captain of a pirate crew. Go on an adventure to discover new seas. Explore different areas and face dangerous enemies. Through turn-based battles in the course of the attack. Here you will have the opportunity to experience three game modes. Along with that comes challenges from many enemies. Navigate the ship to explore new seas. Uncover unknown mysteries that are being hidden. Also, collect valuable treasures after the battle. There are many other interesting things in the journey waiting for you ahead.

Pirates Outlaws – Experiencing Battles to Explore the Seas!

Do you want to be impersonated as a favorite character? Here the game offers many character choices. There are a total of 16 different heroes for you to role-play. Each character is shaped in a different style. Expressed through appearance, clothing, hairstyle, and appearance. Besides, the difference between them was also judged by their fighting strength. Although based on turn-based gameplay, through cards. But each character still possesses its own skills and advantages. For example, a captain with a large amount of health will withstand more attacks. Or the captain with high damage will quickly destroy the enemy.Pirates Outlaws

Navigation mode

Test your ability as a captain on an expedition in navigation mode. Operate the ship through new seas to uncover mysteries. Accordingly, it will have to fight pirates and outlaws. Based on the mission system, each stage takes place. At each stage is an expedition to each different area. Then enter the war with the enemy, only by defeating them can the task be completed. Continue to the new stage, and move to another area. Repeat this until the expedition reaches a certain stage. You will be unlocking new maps to explore more challenging waters.Game Pirates Outlaws

Increasing difficulty

In the navigation mode of the game Pirates Outlaws can unlock up to 7 maps. Each map is a sea divided into several stages with different areas. The challenge in each sea is not the same. Every time you start a new adventure, the difficulty will increase. Accordingly, there will be many scary dangers waiting for you ahead. Go to areas in the new sea, not only face many pirates and other outlaws. And their abilities have also improved, surpassing the previous enemies. This makes it difficult for your expedition to continue the journey.Tai Pirates Outlaws

Arena mode and tavern brawl

In addition to the above mode, the game also has two other modes, which are arena and tavern brawl. Each mode opens different themed battles. Coming to the arena mode will have the opportunity to compete with other pirates. To become the new champion, it is necessary to go through 10 consecutive matches. Then beat the previous champion and win.

In the tavern, brawl mode will test your strength and knowledge in the tavern. Choose the packages available before each battle accordingly. Then start the attack to fight the waves from the enemy. Those are pirates with a different style. After going through the battles a certain number of times will have to face the tavern keeper.

More than 700 cards and 200 objects

Experiencing battles from the exploratory journey. There will be a chance to collect a lot of cards and relics. According to the information provided, there are more than 700 cards and more than 200 relics for you to collect. Through which to use them to perform combat missions. Because each card is a different style of attack skill. For example, firing bullets twice in quick succession, performing high-damage slashes, and more. Likewise, the relics, when collected for use, will aid you in superior attacks.Pirates Outlaws

In the adventure at Pirates Outlaws will face a lot of different enemies. Includes more than 150 outlaws and more than 60 bosses. They are all impressively shaped pirates. At the same time possessing outstanding combat ability. As well as its own style of attack. Especially the bosses have greater power than the outlaws. From the battle will see their power. Shown through the amount of health, stamina, and damage dealt.

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