Photomath 8.38.0 MOD VIP, Unlocked Plus APK
Photomath MOD APK 8.38.0

Photomath 8.38.0 MOD VIP, Unlocked Plus APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Photomath
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherPhotomath, Inc.
Latest Version8.38.0
MOD VIP, Unlocked Plus
Price FREE

Photomath is a math solving application for students. It supports solving most types of problems from simple to complex such as arithmetic, function graphs, algebra, matrices, and trigonometry. In particular, you not only receive the answer but can also see the detailed solution process, similar to having a teacher guiding you. The application also provides modern learning methods such as learning through videos, helping you approach mathematics easily. What’s special is that you can use all the features of this application for free.

Photomath – Math solving app on your phone!

Have some difficult math problems that you can’t solve yourself? Do you want an online teacher who is ready to help you anytime? Photomath is an indispensable application on your phone. With over 300 million users worldwide, this application has smart math solving features and effective learning methods. Photomath will become your trusted friend, helping you solve math problems with the support of leading experts and smart algorithms.


Explore a variety of common math problems with Photomath

This app can solve a variety of problems from basic to advanced, suitable for the curriculum of students. No matter what level of education you are in, this is a useful tool for learning math. Photomath can solve the following types of problems:

  • Arithmetic and quantity: including real numbers, complex numbers (addition, subtraction, comparison, …).
  • Function: includes function graph, function properties (domain, limit, asymptotes, …).
  • Algebra: includes simplifying expressions, solving equations/inequalities/systems of equations, polynomials, combinations, permutations, matrices, determinants and more.
  • Trigonometry and geometry: including converting between angles and radians, calculating periods of trigonometric functions, proving trigonometric identities, …
  • Other forms: include recursion, integration, derivative, calculating area/volume of objects, differential equations, tangent lines.

This application provides convenience and efficiency in solving complex mathematical problems.


Learn in a variety of ways

Photomath offers many learning methods that have been proven effective by experts. You can learn at home and anytime, anywhere. Each problem is explained in the simplest steps so that you can analyze and understand the problem yourself. In addition, you can also learn through videos, the application will visualize each step of solving the problem for you to easily follow. The learning process becomes more vivid and attractive than ever.

The app also provides a library of textbooks so you can learn more about arithmetic and geometry. You can study anytime without being bound by time or achievement. Feel free to choose your own study time, study on your phone or computer, and anywhere you want. This is the optimal learning method for all students.


Step by step detailed answers

Many other math solving apps focus on the end result. However, this app is different. It provides a detailed process from start to finish, helping you understand how to solve a problem instead of just getting a quick result without learning much. At the same time, this app also explains the terms and concepts involved in the problem, helping you improve your math knowledge comprehensively.


Photomath – Solve math easily

Photomath is a useful math solving app for students. It’s simple to use: just turn on the camera, scan the problem, and wait a few seconds to see the result. Every step of the problem is clearly displayed on the screen, with easy-to-read parameters and calculations. The learning space is optimized to maintain maximum concentration.

Photomath is not only a math solution tool, but also a powerful online teacher for every student. With this application, you can learn math anytime, anywhere without any difficulty. It also helps you learn the method of solving math problems, not just the result. This helps you choose the learning method that best suits you.

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