Password Manager SafeInCloud 21.1.12 MOD VIP, Full/Patched APK
Password Manager SafeInCloud MOD APK 21.1.12

Password Manager SafeInCloud 21.1.12 MOD VIP, Full/Patched APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Password Manager SafeInCloud
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherSafe In Cloud
Latest Version21.1.12
MOD VIP, Full/Patched
Price FREE

Password Manager SafeInCloud is a reliable password management solution that helps you securely store and autofill logins and personal information. Data is encrypted to ensure high security. You can easily synchronize data between devices and store it securely via the cloud.

SafeInCloud Password Manager – Safe and Convenient!

Forget about creating and remembering passwords with Password Manager SafeInCloud. This app is the perfect tool for managing accounts, passwords, and other important data. In addition to helping you stay organized, SafeInCloud also integrates cloud sync for easy data access and recovery, supports password generation and strength assessment, and integrates biometric login. With high-security encryption technology, you can rest assured when using this app.


Autofill mode

There is an autofill feature that helps you not to remember passwords. You just need to set up the login information for each different application, such as Facebook, Twitter, or a banking app. Then, when you log in, just one tap to quickly access your personal account without having to re-enter the information.

In addition, this feature also automatically fills in login information on the Chrome browser. You just need to activate the SafeInCloud autofill service in the phone settings, from there the application will remember the login information to help you log in faster on any website.

Autofill also applies to Wear OS devices like credit card PINs, home door codes, or locker codes, with just one tap to quickly unlock.


Strong encryption capabilities

Security is always the most important factor of Password Manager SafeInCloud. You can rest assured about this thanks to strong encryption capabilities. Your data is always encrypted with the AES standard (256-bit), an encryption algorithm used by the US government and widely applied globally.

What’s more, this encryption applies to both the data on your device and in your cloud account. So your data is always absolutely protected, no matter where you update it from. You will never have to worry about losing your data or having your personal information hacked.


Cloud sync

Password Manager SafeInCloud’s cloud sync feature is one of the most loved features by users. It allows you to automatically sync your database with your cloud account. This feature makes it easier than ever to restore or transfer data between your device and the cloud. You can access your credentials from anywhere without having to carry your original device.

In addition, Password Manager SafeInCloud also provides a version for computers with Windows or Mac OS operating systems. The application interface is optimized for each platform, helping users manage login information effectively. On different versions, you can customize, add/delete, and mark login information according to your needs.

To create and evaluate password strength

If you are not sure how to set your personal password, you can use Password Manager SafeInCloud’s password generator. This tool will suggest random passwords that are secure but easy to remember. As you enter your passwords into the app, you will be able to see how strong each password is. Weak passwords will be marked in red and strong passwords will be marked in green. Additionally, the app will also notify you of the estimated time it will take to crack your password in case someone tries to break into your account.


Multi-Form Login

The data in the app is heavily encrypted. Even if someone else opens the app, you can rest assured because there are multiple layers of security. You can use identification methods such as iris, fingerprint, or face to lock the app. These are unique to each person, ensuring that only you can unlock and access the content inside the app.

It is easy to see that Password Manager SafeInCloud is a secure and reliable account information management solution. This application allows you to store passwords and account information securely, with data thoroughly encrypted and synchronized across multiple devices and cloud accounts. This makes it easy to access and manage information whenever you need it.

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