Nox Cleaner 3.9.5 MOD Pro Unlocked APK
Nox Cleaner MOD APK 3.9.5

Nox Cleaner 3.9.5 MOD Pro Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 month ago)
Name Nox Cleaner
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherNox Ltd.
Latest Version3.9.5
MOD Pro Unlocked
Price FREE

Anyone using a phone should have the Nox Cleaner. It is an application that helps to clean junk, remove viruses, speed up phones, cool down CPU, manage apps, secure apps, and more. With this application, your phone no longer has to worry about being infected with viruses or running out of memory. Powerful cleaning feature detects junk files, caches, applications, and more. And you only need one touch to remove them all without worrying about deleting the wrong file. Moreover, you will play better games thanks to the system optimization feature. You can also monitor your PIN and extend its life.

Nox Cleaner – A cleaning app with many features in one!

After using your phone for a long time, you’ll often see a noticeable drop in performance. It is a warehouse with a lot of junk, viruses, or other problems, reducing the memory and speed of the phone. And you need Nox Cleaner to solve these problems. This application has many useful features to help clean the phone in the most comprehensive way. Not only cleans junk and viruses, but it can also boost speed, monitor app usage, and save PINs. Thanks to that, you don’t need any other third-party application other than this cleaner.


Clean junk, remove viruses from your phone

This application has a powerful cleaner that analyzes and filters out junk files on your phone. The filtering ability is highly efficient, saving you time on manual filtering. Specifically, this feature will help identify downloaded files, rarely used applications, clipboard content, cache, and more. You can then see a list of suggested content. Finally, just one touch to delete all junk files and improve phone space. As space frees up, you’ll have more storage for new images, videos, apps, and files.

In addition, the anti-virus feature here is equally effective. This application will scan for malware, ads, or any online traffic with malicious viruses. Those are the sources that can affect important documents on the phone. Therefore, you need to quickly remove the virus to protect your personal data and privacy. Of course, you also only need one touch to remove the virus without knowing much about the mechanism of action.


RAM and game booster

Memory overload sometimes causes delays to your phone’s tasks. Nox Cleaner will help solve that problem with the RAM acceleration feature. This app deletes unnecessary files and apps to free up memory. From there, you’ll see everything lighter and faster. At the same time, this application will optimize the system and focus resources for the game process. As a result, you will have smoother gameplay than ever before.


Manage your applications

With this application, you will know the capacity and frequency of use of applications. Thereby, you can easily decide which apps to delete or keep. For apps that are rarely used but take up a lot of space, you can uninstall them. In addition, this application also has an app lock feature. You should use this security feature to prevent unauthorized access. This feature is extremely useful to protect apps like Facebook, Zalo, and Instagram, calls, messaging, and photo galleries.


Some other features

Image management: This application can detect duplicate or similar photos. It will then suggest you delete these photos to clean up your gallery and free up storage.

PIN management: You will know the status of PIN usage thanks to the analytical report from the application. From there, you can disable or uninstall apps that drain your PIN, helping to extend the life of your PIN.

CPU cooling: Extremely useful feature when you play games on your phone. This application will detect applications that heat up the CPU and suggest turning them off. So you can play games without worrying about your phone heating up.

VPN service: With Android 5.0 and above, you can also connect to the VPN service available in the app. That way, you’ll have a safer and faster browsing experience.

Fingerprint lock: This feature is used to secure apps and photo galleries. But you need Android 6.0 or later to use it.

Overall, Nox Cleaner is a great phone cleaner. That’s why this app has more than 100 million installs on Play Store. Quickly download the application to your device to protect your device. You’ll work on your phone more smoothly thanks to its in-depth junk cleaner, antivirus, and RAM booster. Moreover, you can protect your privacy with a fingerprint lock and enjoy many more features.

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