Mountain Climb: Stunt 6.9 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK
Mountain Climb: Stunt MOD APK 6.9

Mountain Climb: Stunt 6.9 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Mountain Climb: Stunt
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherSilevel Games Ltd
Latest Version6.9
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Are you confident in taking on off-road racing? Test your skills in Mountain Climb: Stunt. This offline racing game is free to download. Faced with difficult terrains and obstacles, the only way to overcome them is to move forward and avoid them. Only when you reach the end can you win. In addition, you have to race against time. If you do not complete the mission before the time runs out, you will fail. At that point, you can end and start over, or pay to get more time and continue the rest of the way.

Mountain Climb: Stunt – Realistic Off-Road Driving!

Mountain Climb: Stunt allows you to participate in challenging off-road races in offline mode. You will perform missions through each level. Use a third-person perspective to drive and observe the vehicle from behind, making it easy for you to track every movement and observe the environment ahead. You have full control of the offroad vehicle as you climb mountains, overcome dangerous roads to reach the destination. At the same time, you will race against the passing time. Try to conquer every challenge to complete the journey excellently. Receive valuable rewards commensurate with your achievements and continue the journey to show off your skills and experience.

Mountain Climb- Stunt

The process takes place on dangerous roads, designed in the air.

Each level of Mountain Climb: Stunt takes place on dangerous roads, designed in the air and winding through high mountains. Below is a deep abyss, falling down will destroy the vehicle and fail the mission. You need to drive safely and accurately, overcome complex roads. At the same time, collect coins scattered along the way to the destination. Try not to miss any coins to achieve high achievements. After reaching the final point, the mission will be completed.

Game Mountain Climb- Stunt

Collect time and nitro to extend the off-road race

In addition to collecting gold coins on the track in Mountain Climb: Stunt, you can also collect extra time and nitro, which are separately symbolized. These are two important factors that help you complete the mission. Extra time will help you extend the off-road race. Nitro increases the maximum speed, helps the vehicle move faster and shortens the distance to the finish line. Note that nitro can only be used for a limited time.

Tai Mountain Climb- Stunt

Rewards and achievements are rated by stars

When you complete a journey, you will receive gold coins. The amount of gold coins depends on your performance, which is evaluated by the number of stars. A cross-country race can achieve a maximum of 3 stars, each star corresponding to a specific condition to be completed, such as completing the task within the time limit or not missing any coins on the way. If you achieve the maximum of 3 stars at the participating level, the bonus will be doubled, helping you accumulate gold coins faster.

Many changes when reaching new levels, the distance to the destination will be longer, and the terrain will be more difficult

As you level up, the off-road driving task becomes more challenging. The distance to the destination will be longer, and the terrain will be more difficult. For example, in the early stages there are guardrails, so collisions do not cause much damage. But later on there will be no guardrails, and if you drive incorrectly, you will fall into the abyss. There will also be dangerous obstacles on the road. If you do not avoid them in time, the car may lose control or stop. In particular, there are gaps that require high speed to overcome.

Mountain Climb- Stunt

Mountain Climb: Stunt MOD APK Features

  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • Full Car Available

Mountain Climb: Stunt does not have many vehicles to use. According to the information in the game introduction, there are currently only 5 off-road vehicles with 4-wheel drive. Including off-road vehicles, tractors and some other vehicles. Each vehicle has a strong design, shown through the exterior such as the body, skins and giant tires. The performance of each vehicle is evaluated in detail through speed and power. However, other than the initial free vehicle, other vehicles need to be purchased with money.

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