Lucky Looter 2.25 MOD Lots of Money APK
Lucky Looter MOD APK 2.25

Lucky Looter 2.25 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Lucky Looter MOD APK 2.25 is a role-playing game where you become a thief and steal things while trying to avoid being detected by the police. To perform this mission, the MOD version has an extremely large amount of money so you can buy equipment right when you first enter the game, making it easier for you to hide from the police.
Name Lucky Looter
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version2.25
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Lucky Looter promises to bring interesting gameplay. With the plot revolving around the journey of a thief, you will play the role to start the mission. The goal is to steal all the items in the house and earn a lot of money to buy new equipment. Belonging to the action game genre, Lucky Looter is built in an arcade entertainment style, bringing many attractive features to explore. You have the opportunity to unlock many different vehicles and customize your character with costumes. At the same time, the game has vivid 3D graphics, sharp image quality. Simple and easy-to-use control mechanism helps you perform actions easily.

Lucky Looter – Play as a professional thief

Become a thief in the Lucky Looter game and stealthily steal items from the house. Prove your skills through a system of missions divided into many levels. Each level opens up a new challenge in a different context. Achievements are evaluated by the number of stars, up to 3 gold stars per level. To achieve, you need to complete the mission and meet the required conditions.

Completing a level will earn you a reward, which will help you advance to the next level of increasing difficulty. The challenges get harder and harder, forcing you to be more skillful in stealing things stealthily. At the same time, the police with flashlights appear to make sure there are no intruders.

Game Lucky Looter

Complete the task of stealing things from the house without being detected

In Lucky Looter, your mission is to sneak around and steal things. You can move freely around the house and develop your own gameplay. Your mission is to steal all the furniture in the house without being detected. Pay close attention to the police’s position and avoid the light from their flashlights. If you are detected, you will be chased and arrested, causing the mission to fail and having to play the level again.

In addition to moving stealthily, you can also hide in cardboard boxes to avoid detection. However, be aware that hiding within the flashlight’s range can still expose you. So be quick and hide before the flashlight reaches you.

Lucky Looter

Collect keys and accumulate money to avoid police surveillance

In addition to stealing items in each level of Lucky Looter, you need to use your skills and experience to avoid the police’s watchful eyes. At the same time, collect the golden keys that appear randomly in some levels. When you collect 3 golden keys, you will have the opportunity to open the treasure chest and receive many valuable items. Combined with the bonuses in the levels, you can achieve excellent results and accumulate many resources. Through the game’s store, you can use these resources to trade, shop and unlock many other equipment and items, increasing the experience and fun when participating in the next levels.

Lucky Looter

A diverse collection of items to steal including cars

Lucky Looter has a rich collection of items for you to explore, including cars. This is the vehicle that the thief uses to move around when committing a robbery. In each level, the car will be parked in front of the house. After stealing all the belongings, you will get in the car and drive away to complete the mission.

You can also customize your character with different outfits. Use coins to unlock and change your character’s appearance and style as you like. To choose your favorite vehicle and outfit, you need to use in-game coins.

Tai Lucky Looter

Like many other 3D graphics games, Lucky Looter has impressive image quality. The landscapes and environments are designed sharply, making it easier for players to observe and enhance the experience. When participating in stealing activities, the cheerful background music will increase the authenticity. The sound is also changed to suit each activity in the game.

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