Love Esquire 1.7.5 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Love Esquire MOD APK 1.7.5

Love Esquire 1.7.5 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Love Esquire
Requires Android 8.1
PublisherYangyang Mobile
Latest Version1.7.5
MOD Unlimited Coins
Price FREE

Love Esquire is a romantic and fun dating sim game combined with RPG elements. It brings you to the classic fantasy world where you have to conquer beautiful girls by proving your wisdom and skills through battles with enemies. You are not an upright hero, but you have a good sense of humor and wit. Moreover, you also have your own skills and can become more and more powerful if you work hard and hone them. So you always have interesting ways to conquer the wars, thereby impressing the charming female warrior. You can explore their stories, date, and enjoy the romance through intuitive visuals and realistic voice acting.

Love Esquire – Dating gameplay combines action and role-playing!

This is quite an interesting combination, isn’t it? It seems that Love Esquire is a rare game that combines role-playing with the dating sim genre. Besides, it is built with a well-rounded plot and complete character system. Moreover, it offers a vast and varied fantasy world with lots of locations to unlock. In that world, you are not an upright knight who specializes in destroying evil as you usually see. You are a useless but funny guy trying to find man’s greatest joy, which is girls and love. But to conquer them, you need to prove your skills. And the best way to prove yourself is through turn-based battles like a true hero.


Join turn-based battles

The battles are turn-based, and your opponents are slimes, monsters, and other warriors. Your job is to beat them all to complete the assigned task, thereby earning bonuses and upgrade points to unlock many new things. During the battle, you just need to click on the screen for the hero to attack. You can even build a squad with your real heroes and funny characters. Unlocked girls can also join the fight if you recruit them. So, find ways to win and get the rewards you deserve.

Idle battles will become increasingly difficult as you face increasingly powerful enemies. So you need to upgrade non-stop to improve your strength and each warrior in the squad. Each hero has important stats including HP, strength, charisma, and intelligence. These traits not only affect your fighting ability but also determine your relationships with girls. To improve the aforementioned stats, you need to attend training sessions and exercises. You not only learn how to fight but also much other academic knowledge, which is geared towards the development of both physical, skill, and intellectual development.


Discover charming female warriors

This is probably the most fascinating part of Love Esquire. Up to 5 girls with beautiful faces and hot bodies are waiting for you to discover. Each girl has her own ambitions, plots, stories, and secrets. To discover all about them, you need to show sincerity by giving gifts and interacting with sweet lines. Besides, you need to improve your attractiveness to promote relationships. Once you hit a certain romance score, you can unlock new things in your relationship with female warriors. What’s more, you can not only interact with one girl but all. They will enrich your adventure story here.

Besides, you can interact with girls through dialogue and choices. This game is also integrated with an interactive puzzle feature, allowing you to choose and explore many different endings. So, will you have a happy ending with the girl you like? What awaits you at the end of the journey? Make a wise decision to find your favorite ending. A romantic dating adventure will be more enjoyable if you find a good outcome.


Lovely visuals, realistic voice acting

This game is designed in anime style, bringing images that are both sweet and charming. The main character system of the game is built very carefully in terms of appearance and skills, dialogue, and voiceover. As a result, you will feel like you are joining them on an authentic adventure. The game context is also quite diverse with many unique locations. By conquering quests and battles, you will have the opportunity to explore them all.

Love Esquire will delight you with new combo gameplay. You can both role-play and discover the romantic dating story here. Interact with your favorite characters and find your end. Strong and seductive female warriors will make you want to stop. Moreover, the idle and addictive turn-based battles are also extremely attractive.

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