Jigsawscapes APK 3.0.11 For Android
Jigsawscapes MOD APK 3.0.11

Jigsawscapes APK 3.0.11 For Android

Written by Hai Nam (7 days ago)
Name Jigsawscapes
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherRelaxFun Games LLC
Latest Version3.0.11
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Welcome to Jigsawscapes, a treasure trove of super addictive jigsaw puzzles on phones! This game is recommended for all players, including children. Because it is not only an entertaining game but also a useful educational method to train the brain. There are thousands of puzzles unlocked for free here. There are even hundreds of new puzzles updated weekly. So you’ll find a bunch of your favorite pictures, then enjoy a relaxing jigsaw puzzle. Your job is to complete the pictures by putting the pieces together in a logical way. Try this to test your memory.

Jigsawscapes – Solve thousands of jigsaw puzzles!

Jigsaw is loved by most players in the world, and Jigsawscapes is one of the most interesting options for you to enjoy this gameplay. This game is released for free on Google Play and works completely even when offline. Therefore, it only takes one download and you can play the game wherever you are. Besides, this game is suitable for all players from amateur to professional. It has multiple difficulty levels and themes to choose from, allowing you to enjoy your favorite puzzle game on your phone.


The stock of images is extremely diverse

So far, this game has more than 12,000 jigsaw puzzles, corresponding to more than 12,000 images available. This is indeed a huge number that not all games have. The puzzle collection is also replenished weekly with over 100 new pictures for free. Thanks to that, you will find here a lot of interesting options to enjoy the jigsaw process. In particular, the quizzes are categorized under many different topics. It includes themes of nature, animals, food, pets, transportation, colors, art, birds, drawings, flowers, and houses…

So no matter what theme you love, this game will leave you satisfied. Most of the photos are also designed in HD, highlighting every detail in the frame. Thanks to that, the game helps every player feel comfortable when solving puzzles. You can zoom in or out of the pictures as you like. You can even rotate pictures and puzzle pieces to create new perspectives and come up with new ideas. What was more amazing?


Simple jigsaw mechanism

After choosing your favorite picture, it’s time to enjoy the puzzle process in Jigsawscapes. The game allows you to choose the difficulty corresponding to your level. The difficulty of each puzzle will depend on the number of pieces you choose. For instance, there are difficulty levels like 12 pieces, 24 pieces, 64 pieces, 100 pieces, 144 pieces, 225 pieces, and 400 pieces. The smaller the number of pieces, the lower the difficulty, but the less bonus you get. If you are confident with your level, try to match 400 pieces and get 75 gems.

During the jigsaw process, you will be shown the overall picture once. Then you will put the pieces together yourself to complete the picture. Just touch each puzzle piece and drag it to the position you want. If it’s a valid puzzle piece, it will automatically snap into the frame. On the contrary, if it is the wrong piece, you need to move it to another location or use a new puzzle. Until all the pieces are in place, you will complete the puzzle and receive the corresponding reward.


Train memory and reasoning skills

Jigsaw puzzles have many uses other than entertainment, and so is this game. The jigsaw puzzles here will help you train your mind, logical thinking, and memory ability. No matter what age you are, just playing this game regularly, your brain agility will improve. Why? When you immerse yourself in the puzzle process and ignore everything around you, you will practice concentration. When you think of ways to put the pieces together, you will use reasoning and logic. Moreover, to solve the puzzle well, you need to memorize the details in the frame.


HD picture quality

Most of the pictures available in this game have HD display quality. As a result, they will appear visually and vividly on the phone screen. This helps you feel comfortable when looking at and puzzling. Besides, the pictures are all different colors. It is the vividness of the color world that will help calm the spirit and relieve stress. So this game has more beneficial effects than you think.

If you want to download Jigsawscapes, visit Google Play or immediately click on the link in this article. Just download it once and you can play the game wherever you are because it’s an offline game. A series of jigsaw puzzles are waiting for you to discover and conquer here. Show your puzzle prowess to collect dozens of trophies daily and weekly.

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