Hunting Online 1.9 MOD VIP, Unlocked, Lots of Money APK
Hunting Online MOD APK 1.9

Hunting Online 1.9 MOD VIP, Unlocked, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Hunting Online
Requires Android 4.1
PublisherOppanaGames FZC LLC
Latest Version1.9
MOD VIP, Unlocked, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Do you want to be involved in the hunt in the vast primeval forest? Come to the simulation game Hunting Online. This is a game revolving around the content of hunting wild animals in the first person. Combined with open gameplay be able to freely explore areas, as well as freely hunt in your own way. Not stopping there, you are not the only hunter in the forest. But there are many other hunters who have the same goal of catching as many animals as you. Based on the online multiplayer mode used in the game. You will have the opportunity to meet other players or compete with them on the leaderboard, thereby finding the best hunter in the forest.

Hunting Online – Hunt Wild Animals In Adventure In The Primeval Forest!

Get ready for an online adventure hunting animals in the jungle. You can cooperate with other hunters to perform quests together. Drive the offroad vehicle to overcome difficult terrain and move to many different locations. The goal is to hunt wild animals in the wild to find resources, as well as prove yourself as a professional hunter. Accordingly, it will face many challenges, even life-threatening ones. Because in a vast forest full of difficulties. Not only wild animals but also can be attacked by other cunning hunters. Can you survive hunting many rare animals? Everything is based on your own skills.Hunting Online

Game mechanics

Follow the game hunting in the vast forest. You will drive offroad vehicles moving through difficult terrains. Go to different areas to search and hunt for wild animals. Through the first person to use the equipped gun and attack. Try to shoot accurately in the head to be able to defeat wild animals with a single bullet. Then move to the location where the animal was shot and put the spoils on the vehicle. In turn, until the vehicle has enough load, it will return to convert to money. From there, you can accumulate and continue to come up with new hunts.Game Hunting Online

Diverse quest system

In the hunting adventure, which takes place in the forest of Hunting Online. You will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Each task will give specific conditions and instructions to perform. For example hunting, 10 animals, can catch them in any terrain. Hunt 5 wild boars or 5 wild pandas. There are many other quests that will open after completion. But the difficulty will gradually increase each time you come to new missions. Shown through the number of rare animals that are hard to find to hunt. However, there are some quests that do not require a quantity. But there is a level of danger because you have to hunt wild animals.

After completing each task, you will receive a corresponding reward, which is gold coins. Based on the difficulty and achievements you achieve, you will receive the appropriate amount of money. Over time, completing quests of higher difficulty will receive larger amounts of money to accumulate.

Unlock new guns

Use the money accumulated after completing the hunt. You can unlock new weapons to be more effective. There are many different types of guns provided by the game. For example, sniper rifles M40A1, Barret, AK47, … and many more. Each gun is designed with its own style. The difference between them is also reflected in their ability. Includes damage dealt rate of fire, and range. Besides, after unlocking your favorite gun, you can also customize it. Through the money, you get to upgrade and change the design of the gun you want. Depending on how you play and how to use your gun, you can choose the right gun for better hunting efficiency.Hunting Online

Besides a diverse weapon system to use during hunting. Hunting Online game also provides many different offroad vehicles. Those are off-road vehicles with strong performance. Can be used to move faster, as well as shorten the time to other locations. Each vehicle is designed with aggressive styling, along with outstanding towing capacity and different cargo loads. Moreover, you can also equip the trailer to increase the carrying capacity.

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