Hotel Blast 1.21.1 MOD VIP, Unlimited Coins APK
Hotel Blast MOD APK 1.21.1

Hotel Blast 1.21.1 MOD VIP, Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Hotel Blast
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherWhaleApp LTD
Latest Version1.21.1
MOD VIP, Unlimited Coins
Price FREE

Get ready for an adventure in the world of Hotel Blast. Set in a large, old mansion, you and Oliver will restore this mansion. Oliver inherited a large fortune from his grandfather, but the mansion has been damaged due to long-term absence. You will solve match-2 puzzles to collect keys and participate in design activities, transforming the mansion into a beautiful one in your own style. At the same time, you also have to discover the mysteries behind the mansion, investigate complex cases that have been hidden in the past.

Hotel Blast – Explore the Mystery of the Mansion with Oliver Through a Puzzle Game!

Follow Oliver as he renovates the mansion he inherited from his grandfather. As you do so, you will unravel the mysteries hidden in each room. For example, the mysterious room with strange symbols and symbols, where the spirit of your grandfather appears. Or the dark room with mysterious white smoke. There are even strange dreams when you sleep. There are many other mysteries waiting for you to discover, thereby finding the truth that has been buried over time.

Hotel Blast

Match-2 gameplay is very simple and easy to understand

The match-2 puzzle gameplay in Hotel Blast is very simple and easy to understand. Instead of having to match at least 3 identical items like other games, you just need to tap two identical items next to each other to collect. The puzzle tasks take place on a large board, divided into many square blocks with different colors and symbols such as the red block has an apple icon, the blue block has a whale icon, the yellow block has a duck icon, the orange block has a bell icon, the green block has a cactus icon and the purple block has a keyhole icon.

Tai Hotel Blast

Daily Level Quests

Hotel Blast’s quest system is daily, with hundreds of match-2 puzzle levels. In each level, you have to collect a specific number of blocks. For example, collect 20 yellow blocks and 15 purple blocks, or 24 green blocks and 20 blue blocks. As you progress to higher levels, the difficulty increases. You will need to collect more and more diverse blocks. At the same time, the number of blocks appearing on the screen will decrease, making the task more challenging.

Game Hotel Blast

Your performance is rated by stars, up to 3 stars

Like other match puzzle games, each level in Hotel Blast has a limited number of turns. Your performance is rated by stars, up to a maximum of 3 stars. Each star corresponds to the number of points you achieve during the puzzle. To achieve the maximum number of stars, you need to create combos to collect more blocks in each turn, thereby increasing your score and meeting the conditions for receiving a star.

After completing the puzzle, the remaining turns will automatically convert into special items. They will automatically explode, creating combos that increase your score.

Use support items and special blocks

During the puzzle, you can use support items such as brooms, rocket boxes, boosters, and vacuums. Each item has its own special ability. Boosters collect all the blocks vertically and horizontally, while vacuums help you collect many missing blocks. You can also create special blocks to create combos, increase your score, and speed up the completion of the mission. These support items will help you achieve better results in Hotel Blast.

Hotel Blast

Hotel Blast MOD APK Features

  • Lots of Money
  • Key
  • Got It All

After completing a puzzle in Hotel Blast, you will receive a golden key. This key is used to renovate each part of the villa. For example, you can clean up the trash in the rooms, replace the furniture, carpets, clean and replace the floors, decorate the walls with paintings, redesign the bedrooms, living room and kitchen. In addition, there are many other areas in the villa that need to be renovated and the equipment needs to be replaced. You can also change the interior design of the rooms to a new style.

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