Guns and Spurs 2 1.2.7 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK
Guns and Spurs 2 MOD APK 1.2.7

Guns and Spurs 2 1.2.7 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Guns and Spurs 2
Requires Android 7.0
Latest Version1.2.7
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Guns and Spurs 2 is a dramatic role-playing shooting game that takes you into the world of the Wild West. You will transform into a brave cowboy, hunting and destroying wanted criminals to receive worthy rewards. The game opens a journey to explore diverse areas, from deserts to majestic mountains. Each place has unique enemies for you to confront and hunt for bounties. In addition, you can also participate in many typical cowboy activities such as horse racing, cattle herding, and delivery. Guns and Spurs 2 brings an engaging and addictive role-playing experience, promising to bring great moments of entertainment. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the West as a real cowboy.

Guns and Spurs 2 – Experience Cowboy Shooting!

In Guns and Spurs 2, you will play as Jack Jane, a bounty hunter and cowboy who has just arrived in an old western town. Jack will take on the mission of capturing outlaws to uncover the mystery and receive a worthy reward. You will participate in many combat missions and adventure through different areas, facing the vast and mysterious western world.

The intense shooting war will keep you hooked. Practice your skills to master every gunfight and reap the rewards from every enemy life.


Discover unique quests

After completing the tutorial, you will enter the vast open world of Guns and Spurs 2. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, because the game has you covered. Your first mission is to hunt down and capture or kill enemies on the wanted list. As you complete missions, you will receive rewards and unlock new targets. The hunt continues through many story chapters with mysteries and interesting things to discover. The enemies will become stronger, and you will need to upgrade your cowboy to be ready for battle.

In battle, you need to master the joystick movement and virtual button actions such as shooting and aiming. Combining operations flexibly and quickly is an important factor to react to situations. You also need to take advantage of the environment to hide from enemy bullets. Cowboys are always attached to their warhorses. Click on the “horse” icon on the screen to ride a horse and travel through many regions like a real cowboy.


Design and upgrade your cowboy

Guns and Spurs 2 offers many unique options for you to freely design your character. You can unlock hundreds of items in the store such as pants, shirts, hats and horses. Combine these items to create your favorite fashion style. In particular, unlock new horses with impressive skins to accompany you in every mission. The items are not free, except for the default ones. Therefore, you need to complete bonus missions to be able to design and customize your cowboy.

To gain an advantage in every battle, you need to upgrade your combat skills with new weapons. There are different types of guns such as pistols, sniper rifles, ropes, and bombs. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pistols are good for close-range combat, while sniper rifles are for long-range targets. Ropes can stun and tie up enemies. You also need to upgrade your guns over time to improve their stats.

Guns and Spurs 2 not only offers a rich character design experience but also helps you improve your combat skills with a variety of weapons and tactics.


Enjoy beautiful 3D environment

The game will captivate you with its realistic 3D graphics, vividly depicting a vast and classic open world of the wild west. The character system is meticulously cared for from appearance to gestures. The gunfights with vivid sounds and eye-catching effects are addictive highlights. The game scene changes flexibly with every step you take. Explore the beautiful panoramic environment from many different perspectives.


Guns and Spurs 2 MOD APK Features

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money
  • Got Gun

Are you ready to become a cowboy in Guns and Spurs 2? You will travel through forests, mountains, rivers, and mysterious towns to explore the old west. With dozens of bonus missions, you will participate in exciting gunfights, bringing a sense of realism and excitement. Enjoy this journey to the west!

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