Garden Mania 3 4.4.6 MOD VIP, Unlimited Energy, Crystals APK
Garden Mania 3 MOD APK 4.4.6

Garden Mania 3 4.4.6 MOD VIP, Unlimited Energy, Crystals APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Garden Mania 3
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version4.4.6
MOD VIP, Unlimited Energy, Crystals
Price FREE

Continuing the content from the previous two parts of the Garden Mania 3 game. Here the developer has improved many features. As well as opening up a new garden to test your match-3 puzzle skills. The gameplay is similar to the previous parts, but there have been many changes in the course of the mission. Following that will be an adventure through the levels in the more beautiful garden. It is possible to harvest items and sell them for money. Or keep animals in the garden to protect, and help you solve emergency situations. Moreover, there are many other interesting modes that you have not experienced in the previous two parts. Especially the game can be played for free, but there will be some items in the store that require a fee if you want to get them.

Garden Mania 3 – Harvest Fruits in a Match-3 Puzzle Game!

Similar to the previous two parts, the gameplay is played in a match-3 puzzle style. On a garden divided into small squares. In each square is a fruit planted to use the puzzle. Here there are different fruits in the garden to perform the task. Includes pink peach, purple fish, yellow pear, tomato, and mangosteen. Even more interesting, in some fruits that appear in the garden there are numbers, corresponding to the amount added when solving the puzzle. The gameplay is similar to other Match-3 games. It is required to pair at least 3 or more identical fruits in a horizontal or vertical row. From there, you can collect them, completing the schedule given in each mission.Garden Mania 3

Hundreds of levels

Follow the story of the game to do puzzle quests. Through hundreds of levels to challenge your skills. At each level, there will be a limit to the number of puzzles, and the system gives specific fruits to harvest. Based on the matching mechanism create a minimum combination of 3 or more fruits, then collect. At the same time, the number of achievement points will increase after each puzzle turn. Harvest the fruits in turn with a specific amount to fulfill the conditions given at the participation level. From there, you can complete tasks and receive attractive rewards. Keep coming to new-level challenges.Game Garden Mania 3

Rewards Received

The rewards received after completing a level in Garden Mania 3 are very valuable. Includes gold coins, energy, and support tools. Each type of reward is used for different activities. For example, gold coins can be used to make purchases or unlock new features. Energy is used to participate in the fruit harvest level. Finally, the support tool will help you solve some difficulties in the puzzle process. From there it is possible to complete missions on more difficult levels.Tai Garden Mania 3

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Going through the puzzle process that takes place at each level, the achievement will be judged by the number of stars. Here an excellently completed mission can reach a maximum of 3 stars. However, getting there will require your puzzle skills. Through the matches create combinations to increase the score. Each star will correspond to a certain number of points at each level. Try to harvest the specified number of berries with as few turns as possible. From there will gain a greater number of points to complete the task excellently. Because the remaining turns will be converted into special fruits. From there create combos to help you increase your score.

Difficult task

The difficulty of the mission will increase after each start of a new level. Accordingly, there will be more difficult challenges in the puzzle process. The system will give you the number of fruits to collect than before. At the same time have to collect many different fruits at a level. Not stopping there, the arrangement of the fruits in the garden will be discrete. Makes it hard for you to create combinations to harvest multiple berries in one turn. As well as the fruits to be harvested appear in smaller quantities. Since then, it is difficult to achieve excellent results, even to complete the assigned tasks.Garden Mania 3

To be able to overcome difficulties during the puzzle in Garden Mania 3. In addition to skill and experience to create combinations. You can also create special fruits yourself to create combos. Through the puzzle turn to match many fruits of the same type. Moreover, it is possible to use support items. Includes ax, watering can, and wooden crate. Each type of item will bring its special ability. The example will help you to harvest a desired fruit. Or create combos for a bigger achievement score. But it should be noted, the number of each item is limited. Need to save to use when needed.

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