Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving 1.1.2 MOD Menu VIP, Shopping Without Money APK
Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving MOD APK 1.1.2

Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving 1.1.2 MOD Menu VIP, Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherSuper Action Studio
Latest Version1.1.2
MOD Menu VIP, Free Shopping
CategoryRole Playing
Price FREE

Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving is a flying motorbike driving simulation game. Set in a future world, where technological inventions are widely applied in practice. Thereby you will take on the role of a motorbike driver. Capable of attaching jet equipment to fly in the air. From there, perform the busy task of transporting passengers to different locations. The goal is to complete the journey to earn money. Use them to develop your career and discover new things. This game is part of the role-playing category of developer Super Action Studio. Large city simulation with many activities taking place. Along with that is the combination of realistic physical mechanisms in the process of flying a flying motorbike.

Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving – Become a Flying Motorbike Driver in the Future City!

Promising to open up a future world today when it comes to Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving. The developer has built graphics based on a realistic 3D platform. Simulate a fantasy environment in a futuristic city. With an interconnected transportation system, with the appearance of many means of circulation. Bringing you a real experience when immersing yourself in the life of the city. To increase the appeal of motorbike driving. Sound effects are recreated based on each activity taking place. At the same time, simulate the sound of the engine when accelerating on the road. Or the sound of the jet system is recreated when flying a motorbike in the air.Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving MOD

Control mechanism

LMHAPKSX’s Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving game is designed with an intuitive control mechanism. Use virtual icons displayed with the optimal arrangement. Brings easy and convenient usage for players during the experience. Accordingly, the left corner of the screen displays a virtual joystick feature. Used to navigate vehicles moving in the air. Similarly, the virtual joystick button is displayed in the right corner of the screen. You just need to touch and rotate to increase the vehicle’s movement speed.

Besides, if driving a motorbike moves in the usual way on the ground. The control system will be changed with other icons. Shown by left and right arrow keys to navigate. Combine the throttle and brake icons to control speed. The dashboard displays the basic parameters that the vehicle is operating.Game Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving MOD

The gameplay takes place

Perform tasks according to the content of Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving. You will play the role of a motorbike driver. Travel on the streets to find customers. Transport them to the required location and complete the mission. From there, receive bonuses to accumulate to develop your career. Continue to the passenger journey in the next stages. There will be many changes to challenge a driver’s skills. Thereby, the distance needed to travel will be farther than before. At the same time, to be able to find passengers, they will have to go through many different roads.

Task execution process

Each mission takes place in the game Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving. You will have to drive the motorbike according to the instructions, shown by the arrows. Through that, you will have to travel a distance with a specific number of meters required. From there you can reach the passenger pick-up point. After they get in the back seat, the trip will begin. The time will now be given, which must be completed before the countdown time reaches 0. The target is to drive the flying motorbike to the required stop point, shown through the displayed bright area. Once parked safely, a mission will be completed. Based on your achievements, you will receive a corresponding bonus.Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving MOD APK

Flying Motorbike Taxi Driving game has many different car models for you to explore. They are all motorcycles equipped with jet systems. Able to fly in the sky thanks to nitro thrust. Accordingly, each vehicle is reimagined in its own outstanding style. Represented through component parts and accessories. That difference is also reproduced through paint color, as well as design. Their capabilities are evaluated through technical specifications. Typical examples include the maximum speed the vehicle can achieve, flight ability, and power. Besides, the jet system of each motorcycle is designed differently, as well as the position of the lid on the vehicle is different. For example, a flight system in the form of an airplane wing or a reactor. Depending on each car model, it will be simulated in its own way.

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