Draw Climber 1.16.07 MOD VIP, Unlimited Money APK
Draw Climber MOD APK 1.16.07

Draw Climber 1.16.07 MOD VIP, Unlimited Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Draw Climber
Requires Android 5.1
Latest Version1.16.07
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Draw Climber is an entertaining game with creative gameplay. Players draw legs for objects to move through difficult terrain. The goal is to reach the final destination to complete the mission. The game supports offline mode, providing an interesting experience with many attractive challenges. Players will explore diverse cubic objects. The game requires skills, creativity and ideas to draw the right shape to help the object overcome the terrain.

Draw Climber – Draw Moving Parts to Help Objects Cross Terrain!

In Draw Climber, you draw to create moving parts for the object to overcome obstacles. Before starting, a rectangle will appear on the screen. You are free to draw according to your ideas, based on the object in the journey and your personal creativity. The completed moving parts will help the object move forward automatically. You can only watch the progress without being able to intervene. Will your design help the object reach the finish line? This depends on your skills and creativity.

Draw Climber MOD

Missions and rewards

Based on the content of the game, you will perform tasks in each level. Each level opens a path with difficult terrain. You must draw the appropriate moving parts to help the object overcome the terrain and compete with opponents on the parallel route. Starting from the starting line, you will conquer the challenges from the terrain in turn to reach the finish line in the leading position, completing the tasks in each level.

The reward for completing a mission is gold coins, based on the total number of gold coins collected during the move. In each level, gold coins appear randomly at different points. To collect them all, you must make sure that the moving part of the object can touch them.

Game Draw Climber MOD

Challenge increases as you reach new levels

As you progress to the next level in Draw Climber, the difficulty of the mission increases. The path becomes longer, the terrain becomes more complex and dangerous. For example, steep hills, uneven terrain, ladders, and more. Each type of terrain has a different impact, making it difficult for the object to overcome even with the added moving parts. However, the chance of collecting gold coins also increases significantly.

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Can be drawn multiple times

In each level of Draw Climber, you can draw an unlimited number of times to change the moving parts of the object. Instead of drawing once before starting, you can continuously adjust as you encounter difficult terrain. Observe and draw new parts to help the object overcome obstacles to continue moving forward. Moving parts can be broken when colliding with terrain, shown by missing lines, changing the movement of the object.

Use the coins collected through the levels to unlock different objects

Use the coins you collect throughout the levels to unlock various objects, divided into three categories: basic, epic, and secret. Each object has its own unique shape, such as a basketball, a skate, a white duck, a pink pig, and a fish. However, apart from the blue cube that is unlocked for free at the start, all of them require coins or watching an ad video to unlock.

Draw Climber MOD

Draw Climber MOD APK Features Implemented

  • Lots of Money
  • Full Money, Lots of Coins
  • All Unlocked

In Draw Climber, you can upgrade to improve your character’s performance by increasing movement speed and enhancing offline collection. To do this, you need to use gold to upgrade. Increasing speed will improve your character’s movement ability, while coordinating with the drawing department to optimize performance and reduce the time to complete each level. Besides, offline collection helps you earn more gold after each level.

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