Daynote 4.6.5 MOD VIP, Premium Unlocked APK
Daynote MOD APK 4.6.5

Daynote 4.6.5 MOD VIP, Premium Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (5 days ago)
Name Daynote
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version4.6.5
MOD VIP, Premium Unlocked
Price FREE

Daynote helps you keep track of important moments in your life. It is an offline diary app that is easy to carry on your phone. With this app, you can plan your day, record important events, thoughts, memories or personal journeys. Just open the app and add what you want. You can also customize the theme, color, font and font size of your diary. Moreover, you can secure your diary with fingerprint or facial recognition. Your diary is also stored in the cloud for easy sharing.

Daynote – Capture the moments of your day!

Many people like to record their daily activities in a diary. Instead of carrying a pen and paper, you can use Daynote. This application is like a digital diary, integrating notes, to-do lists and plans. Daynote helps to record beautiful moments every day quickly and conveniently. This application is free for all users.


Don’t miss a thing

With this app on your phone, you won’t miss a thing. When an event happens, you can add it to your diary library. You can also use it to plan your daily or weekly tasks, or record your experiences after a trip. The app also has a free calendar that helps you mark important dates.

The app works even when the device is offline. There are no restrictions that prevent you from recording your diary wherever you are. For marked days, the app has a notification feature. You can customize the time, date, and notification sound for each event.


Daynote offers many free themes to customize the look of your app.

Daynote offers a variety of free themes to customize the look and feel of your app. These themes are beautifully designed, clean, and intuitive, helping you find new inspiration every day. You can also customize the font, font size, and font color. Which style do you like? Mix things up to your liking to inspire your daily journaling.

In addition to the free content, Daynote also has many premium themes and fonts. You need to pay to unlock them. The premium version allows you to export your diary to txt or pdf files. This feature helps you turn your digital diary into physical notes.

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Protect your private content

The contents of your diary are always private to you. This app understands that and provides methods to protect your diary.

You can use your fingerprint and facial recognition to unlock and access your content. This ensures that only you have access and you don’t have to worry about forgetting your password. If you want to be more secure, you can use a passcode that you set yourself. The app supports setting a lock with a personal passcode.

Sync and backup

To let you access and edit your diary anytime, anywhere, this app uses Google Drive to sync your account. You can open your diary on any device with your account. The app also supports automatic backups, making it easy to restore data if you accidentally delete it. Backup and security features ensure peace of mind for users.


Beautiful, friendly interface

This app is simpler than other diary apps, focusing on daily diary keeping. There are not many features on the interface, the design is intuitive with bright colors that change according to the theme you choose. The features are neatly arranged in the menu, and the list of notes is arranged by date, making it easy to track and manage your diary.

Overall, Daynote is the app you need to make your journaling more convenient. You don’t need a diary to record all your daily activities. You can customize the colors and font size of your journal. The app offers a variety of modern themes to make your journal more impressive. Plus, your journal is always protected so that only you can see its contents.

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