Dangerous Fellows 1.29.1 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Money, Tickets, Hints APK
Dangerous Fellows MOD APK 1.29.1

Dangerous Fellows 1.29.1 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Money, Tickets, Hints APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 week ago)
Name Dangerous Fellows
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherTilting Point
Latest Version1.29.1
MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Money, Tickets, Hints
Price FREE

Dangerous Fellows is an otome dating game with a zombie setting. It may sound strange, but this game will draw you into a novel and engaging dating storyline. You will interact with 5 charming and charismatic guys in your journey against zombies. The world has fallen into chaos after the pandemic, leaving behind many crazy zombies. You need to choose the right person to fight alongside you in this war. You will also decide the nature of the relationships, thereby exploring romantic or tragic details depending on your choices. The engaging storyline, beautiful anime images and well-written dialogue are what make this game so appealing.

Dangerous Fellows – Interactive otome game with survival elements!

This is a rare game that combines intuitive gameplay with survival elements in a post-apocalyptic setting. You start with a warning on the TV news about the worst pandemic in history. Zombies are flooding the cities and you are attacked. While escaping, you are saved by five strange researchers. They take you to a school building, where they and many other survivors are sheltering. From there, you will join them in researching and fighting against the zombies. Through your choices, you will decide what happens next.


The game story builds on 5 main characters

The game’s story is built around 5 main characters who have saved you from the beginning. Each has their own personality and story, captivating and intriguing. There is Lawrence, who has a kind and sweet heart; Eugene, who is thoughtful but cold; Zion, who is skilled with swords; along with Ethan and Harray. You can choose one of them to explore their personal story. Or you can accompany all 5 characters to create a rich and detailed story.

You interact with the characters through choices. The game asks many questions and answers, requiring you to think carefully because each choice affects the next development. The quest system encourages interaction between you and the characters. Together, you and they will overcome survival challenges, searching for food and resources on the zombie-infested streets. All the boys are interested in you, and you have the right to choose who to date. If the relationship is good enough, you will experience interesting romantic episodes.


Choose and enjoy your ending

Your journey in Dangerous Fellows is a series of choices and consequences. This is a common gameplay pattern in interactive games and dating simulators. However, this game has a well-structured story with multiple chapters. This way, each choice has meaning and opens up many interesting situations. The resulting events are closely linked to each other through the characters and your choices. So, after a series of choices, you will receive one of the available endings.

How many endings are there in this game? No one can answer unless you find out for yourself. You can come back multiple times and choose different endings to get new endings. What kind of ending are you waiting for? Will you die when attacked by zombies, or live happily with your dream PhD student? Don’t forget to design your character’s outfit to add excitement. Every ending has meaning if you are truly satisfied and immersed in the story.


Attractive and modern anime design

This game is aimed at young players. It has a modern and fresh anime style, highlighting the cool and handsome characters. The background changes flexibly according to the situation, creating a realistic feeling. The sweet and catchy melody adds to the emotions. Enjoy all this in your dating adventure.


Dangerous Fellows MOD APK Features Made

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • full diamond
  • More tickets, suggestions

Dangerous Fellows will not disappoint you with what it brings. This game brings newness in the storyline and gameplay when combining the dating genre with survival. This will be an interesting place for you to immerse yourself in an adventure with romantic elements, suspense, tragedy and many other emotions. You will decide the relationships and the ending of the story.

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