Cookie Cats Pop 1.76.3 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Lives APK
Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK 1.76.3

Cookie Cats Pop 1.76.3 MOD VIP, Lots of Money, Lives APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Cookie Cats Pop
Requires Android 4.4
PublisherTactile Games
Latest Version1.76.3
MOD VIP, Unlimited Money, Lives
Price FREE

Cookie Cats Pop opens an interesting story about kittens trapped in bubbles. Players must shoot bubbles to rescue cats, performing attractive puzzle tasks. The game has a rich storyline, with many increasing levels. You can play for free or compete for scores online with friends and other players. The sharp 3D graphics system, vivid images and beautiful effects add to the appeal of the game.

Cookie Cats Pop – Shoot Bubbles to Rescue Cute Kittens!

Join the kitten rescue adventure. You will be accompanied by adorable cats like Belle, Rita, Berry, Ziggy, Smokey and more. Each cat has a cute fur color and expression. During the bubble shooting process, their funny expressions are recreated. Choose your favorite cat and join the puzzle journey. You will explore many locations in the colorful world.

Cookie Cats Pop

Locations are designed based on vivid 3D graphics

The locations in Cookie Cats Pop are designed with vivid 3D graphics. The game levels take you through different locations, unlocking new ones as you progress. Each location has its own style, with unique backgrounds and environments. The sharp image quality and stunning landscapes make for an impressive experience. On your journey to rescue the kittens, you will explore many different themes, from bustling cities to tranquil nature.

Game Cookie Cats Pop

Live sound system creates excitement

Along with the beautiful graphics is the vivid sound system. The background music plays throughout the puzzle solving process and the sound of bubbles bursting when shooting creates excitement. The sound of cats meowing after each bubble burst is also reproduced very uniquely and fun. The sound of the game will change to suit each activity, bringing an engaging experience to the player.

Over 1500 stunning bubble shooting levels

Complete the mission in Cookie Cats Pop game with more than 1500 beautiful levels. Each level is a bubble shooting puzzle mission. You will accompany the cat and use bubbles from the cardboard box. Aim accurately and shoot up to break the colorful bubbles above, rescue the trapped kitten. Complete the mission with limited shots to end the level.

Tai Cookie Cats Pop

Achievements are shown in stars

After each bubble shooting level, the achievement will be shown by the number of stars. Successfully completing a level can achieve a maximum of 3 stars. The score increases based on the number of bubbles broken and the completed mission. Each star corresponds to a certain score. Before rescuing the trapped kittens, try to get the highest score with the maximum number of stars to complete the level successfully.

Cookie Cats Pop

Moving on to the next level of Cookie Cats Pop, the difficulty increases with many changes. With a limited number of bubble shots, you have to rescue more kittens. The biggest difference lies in the bubbles that need to be broken, with diverse colors such as blue, green, red, pink, purple and yellow. In the new levels, iron bubbles and sharp spiked balls will appear, causing new challenges. Shooting the iron ball will stop the ball without breaking, while shooting the spiked ball will make it explode.

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