Car Driving School Simulator 3.27.1 MOD Unlocked APK
Car Driving School Simulator MOD APK 3.27.1

Car Driving School Simulator 3.27.1 MOD Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (7 days ago)
Name Car Driving School Simulator
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherBoomBit Games
Latest Version3.27.1
MOD Unlocked
Price FREE

Car Driving School Simulator is a car driving simulation game. Unlock different game modes to challenge your skills. Along with that are the required tasks to follow. Through that will have to comply with traffic rules when operating vehicles on the road. Ensure safety during driving, do not collide with vehicles and obstacles. Here will bring you a very realistic driving simulation experience. With a series of unique features provided by the system. Diverse car collection with many different car segments. The traffic system is simulated in detail and realistically. Environmental and weather conditions change, providing a unique realism to the racetrack.

Car Driving School Simulator – Realistic Driving Simulator On Traffic Routes!

There are more than 28 different cars on offer for a different driving experience. They are divided into segments such as SUVs, pickups, sedans, offroad vehicles, and buses. Moreover, the supercar possesses a large engine block with outstanding acceleration. Each vehicle is systematically designed with its own style, body, and head. The difference between them is also reflected in the size, shape, and paint color. At the same time, the performance of each vehicle is also evaluated through parameters. Detailed specifications of each vehicle can be found in the garage. In addition, if you want to own a favorite car, you will need to use the money to trade it.Car Driving School Simulator

There are 7 different cities

The game is set in 7 different locations for you to drive to explore. Includes Canada, Las Vegas, Tokyo, New York, Miami, California, and Canada. The above locations are all major cities in different countries. Each city opens up many areas with extensive traffic routes. Along with that are separate rules that will not be the same during driving. At the same time, it will open tasks with specific conditions, and require you to perform as required. The difference in each city is not only reflected in the roads. It also recreates the surrounding environment, as well as the vivid landscape.Game Car Driving School Simulator

Realistic traffic system with many rules

Each city in Car Driving School Simulator will open up a diverse transportation system. It’s not just the routes that are connected. But there is also the appearance of traffic, with the density at each time will not be the same. As introduced earlier, it is necessary to obey the traffic rules in each city. From the maximum speed allowed, to stopping according to the signal lights. Also, watch for signs and don’t drive recklessly. Because those will all affect your performance. Pay special attention to other vehicles and obstacles. There must be no collision because that will lead to an accident.Tai Car Driving School Simulator

Driving mode in the parking lot

The start of the mission will take place at the driving school. Here you need to move the vehicle according to the directions. The process must comply with the signals and signs. The target drives the car to the specified parking spot. From there can complete the mission to start a new parking challenge. At the same time, the reward is money. The amount of money will correspond to the difficulty of the participating task. The difficulty of the challenge in the training ground will gradually increase. Coming to the next stage, the distance traveled is not only longer than before. Instead, you have to go through narrow bends to get to the parking spot.

Realistic driving mode on the road

After completing the driving course in the driving range. It is possible to come up with realistic driving missions on the road. With dense traffic density, along with complicated traffic routes. You need to observe the minimap to move along the indicated route. That process needs to follow a lot of different rules. When traveling on speed-limited roads. If you exceed it, you will be fined with a deduction. Especially in the event of a crash or serious accident. You will not be able to complete the mission.Car Driving School Simulator

If you are confident enough with your driving skills and experience when operating vehicles on the road. Car Driving School Simulator ‘s multiplayer mode is available. Here you will have the opportunity to compete with other online players. Drive with them on the road, moreover, race at speed to test each person’s individual skills. According to the rules in this mode, whoever drives the car with the required conditions, as well as successfully reaches the finish line in the top position will win.

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