Burnout Masters 1.0046 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, free purchase, all cars unlocked APK
Burnout Masters MOD APK 1.0046

Burnout Masters 1.0046 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, free purchase, all cars unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 months ago)
Name Burnout Masters
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherRoad Burn Games
Latest Version1.0046
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, free purchase, all cars unlocked
Price FREE

Burnout Masters will take you to a fascinating world of driving. Through this, you will enjoy the dramatic feeling when operating on the road. Test your vehicle’s strength by drifting. Find out the power of the engine block that racing cars use. Combine your driving skills to push the car to the limit. This game is a racing game genre that is played in offline mode. Joining will take you to exhausting races in various competitive events. The goal is to complete missions to get rewards. After accumulating will have the opportunity to discover new racing cars. Besides, the combination of 3D graphics will increase the real experience. Expressed through the effect when the vehicle is operating on the road.

Burnout Masters – Test The Performance Of Racing Cars On The Road!

According to the information provided in the introduction. The game features more than 30 racing cars inspired by real-life prototypes. Along with over 70 craftable and customizable vehicles. With such a diverse vehicle system, you will be able to freely explore. Similar to other racing content games. Each car will be designed with different styling, body, and paint colors. But this is just the original default car model. Once unlocked, you can customize to change the design. To be able to unlock and own a new racing car. Requires you to use money and buy in the game store.Burnout Masters

Vehicle design with customizations

Do you want to drive a car you love? It’s even more fun to be able to customize to drive a vehicle of your own design. Enter the game’s garage to start customizing. There are many different options for car design. Install the front and rear bumpers to change the aerodynamics, and customize the paint color and saturation of the body. Adjust the size of the front and rear tires, height, and width. Custom height, front, rear, front camber, and rear camber. Moreover, rims such as 5 single-spoke, 6-spoke double or multi-spoke, and much more. There are a number of other customizations that will be explored in detail when participating.Game Burnout Masters

Upgrade and customize the engine

Besides customizing the vehicle in its own outstanding style. At Burnout Masters, it is also possible to upgrade the engine to enhance performance. Helps the car to accelerate and drift in a remarkable way. Accordingly, it is possible to choose to use 4-cylinder engines, V6, V8, and even rotary engines. Each engine type offers impressive performance. Furthermore, you can customize the engine block and swap them out, to create a great vehicle. After owning a racing car with a large engine block for outstanding performance. You will enjoy the feeling of authenticity on the road ahead.Tai Burnout Masters

Different race locations

The races that take place will be recreated in many different locations. Includes Springmount in Cairns, Motorvation at Perth Motorplex, RockyNats in Rockhampton, and Rappants in New Zealand. There are many races open at other locations that will be discovered by you when participating. Each road has recreated the landscape and surroundings in its own way. The difference is also reflected in the terrain. Each track will bring its own challenge. Requires skills to be able to pass, as well as fulfill the given conditions.

Single drive to drift on the road

Participate in races to test the performance of the car. You can choose to drive alone to perform missions or compete with other competitors. In each racing theme, the gameplay and content will be different. For example, in single-driving mode, drifting is required. From there drift on the tracks and slide through the bends at high speed. The objective is to increase the number of drift points according to the required condition. Aim to complete the challenge to get to the next race. The number of drift points will increase larger each time a new race starts. Create challenges to test your skills and vehicle performance.Burnout Masters

MOD APK feature implemented of Burnout Masters

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • free purchase
  • all cars unlocked

Come to the competitive race of the game Burnout Masters. There is a maximum of 8 riders on a track. Your mission is to compete with the remaining 7 racers. Speed ​​is not the main factor determining the results. Instead, the skill of drifting on the road. Based on the rules of the game’s winning and losing classification. After the race is over, the racer with the most drift points wins. From there, not only receive bonuses but also have the opportunity to rise to the rankings.

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