Brutal Street 2 1.3.1 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Brutal Street 2 MOD APK 1.3.1

Brutal Street 2 1.3.1 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 weeks ago)
Name Brutal Street 2
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherBlack Pearl Games Ltd.
Latest Version1.3.1
MOD Free Shopping
Price FREE

Want to immerse yourself in street fights? Brutal Street 2 will be the place for you to do it right on your phone. The game context takes place in several neighborhoods in China. There, you will have to fight the gangsters who are plotting to rob and tease schoolgirls. Your job is to gather street heroes and control them to defeat the enemy. There are dozens of such missions for you to freely show your strength and action strategy. Moreover, the game gives you many heroes to role-play and gather. You can also upgrade them in your own way to gain better power. The addictive action mechanics and exciting strategic elements of this game will keep you hooked.

Brutal Street 2 – The fight against gangsters!

The underworld theme in the game has become addictive for many gamers, including Brutal Street 2. At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to its story. After that, your journey will begin with the first fight, where you control a super cool guy defeating a few weak gangsters on the street. That’s the beginning of your campaign to purge the underworld and many other heroes. You will gather them to pave the way for neighborhoods to regain their former peace. The battles will take place in a natural mechanism, not turn-based like you often see. So the element of action and strategy is evident here.


Join the addictive role-playing battles

You will start in the first neighborhood and the first mission. You will join the fight with the gangsters who are trying to poke fun at a schoolgirl. Your job is to control the hero using virtual keys. Just touch the screen and swipe to move the hero, and click the corresponding skill buttons to launch attacks. During the battle, you can alternately control many heroes depending on the battlefield situation. Each hero possesses an impressive skill set. Therefore, choose the right hero and skill to gain an advantage over the enemy.

The control mechanism shouldn’t be too difficult to master, right? But when you have more heroes and face stronger enemies, you need a wiser action strategy. In some missions, you have to encounter terrible Bosses who are bosses in the underworld and even advanced robots. At that time, you need a harmonious combination of heroes to create strong synergy. Some heroes will be combat-oriented, while others will mainly support allies. Just by touching the healing skill and the target, you can help heal the hero. If you control an attacking hero, the most important thing is to aim correctly.


Gather and upgrade heroes

There are a total of 8 heroes in Brutal Street 2. Of course, you can’t own them from the beginning, but you need to complete the quests to reach the required level and use the cash to unlock the hero. For each hero, you can customize them with choices of clothing and skills. Each hero has dozens of active skills and over 100 passive skills that can be unlocked as the level progresses. Besides, they will be upgraded by adding the best equipment. After each upgrade, the hero will have improved stats, including HP, damage, defense, crit rate, speed, and more.

Your job is to collect equipment and accumulate cash to upgrade them. With better power, heroes will take you further in the campaign against the underworld. And you will have the opportunity to unlock new neighborhoods and encounter new enemies. They can come by truck, subway, or even from the air by modern aircraft with increasingly rich skills and powers. Thanks to that, your street fights will be more and more interesting and epic.


Realistic and creative design

The hero images are depicted extremely realistically and meticulously on 2D graphics. Thanks to that, the game brings super cool warriors with diverse skill effects, impressive appearance, and vivid voiceover. Besides, the street battles are also adorned with a series of eye-catching effects. The underworld is also realistically portrayed through the image of the enemy and the setting. Everything looks quite simple but very sophisticated and creative.

With the above impressive points, Brutal Street 2 is really an attractive action game. It will make you fall in love with the role-playing action gameplay that combines elements of strategy and classic scenes. The battles with vivid effects and addictive control mechanics will keep you hooked for hours. Don’t miss the chance to download the game for free here to enjoy these.

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