Boom Karts 1.44.0 MOD Menu VIP, Unlocked Cars, GAME Speed APK
Boom Karts MOD APK 1.44.0

Boom Karts 1.44.0 MOD Menu VIP, Unlocked Cars, GAME Speed APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Boom Karts
Requires Android 5.0
Size144.43 MB
Latest Version1.44.0
MOD Menu VIP, Unlocked Cars, GAME Speed
Price FREE

Boom Karts MOD APK is an extremely attractive racing game combined with shooting. Belonging to the online game series, you can enjoy shooting races that take down other players on extremely fun racetracks. You can drive fancy cars to overcome all opponents, while constantly using tricks to make them suffer. This game is not simple racing, but racing combined with shooting and bombing. You can make the car in front of you explode with just an available bomb, or startle your opponents with rockets, hot peppers, electric batons and more. Using every trick to win is all you need to do, and your opponents will do the same to bring you down. Win to score achievements and unlock dozens of new cars and cool accessories to customize your driver and car. Be the most prominent player on the track to make everyone jealous. To have the best experience, LMHAPKSX has officially updated the Boom Karts 1.44.0 MOD Menu VIP, Unlocked Cars, GAME Speed ​​APK version for you.

Introducing Boom Karts – Attractive multi-person shooting and racing!

With the criteria of racing, shooting or trying to defeat other players is not enough, publisher Fingersoft has created Boom Karts, a racing game combined with many other extremely interesting features. It is a great game for you to play with your friends online and compete in the most fun races. It’s not just racing, you have to use tricks and additional items to give yourself an advantage. That is also the difference that makes this unique game famous. The racing background is quite diverse, even including tracks designed by players. Besides, the vehicle and accessory system is also extremely rich, giving gamers many great options for customization. Furthermore, the online connection feature is considered the leading factor that makes the game attractive. So, are you excited about the multiplayer racing? The game is available here to download to your phone now.


Race your way

The most typical mode in Boom Karts MOD is multiplayer mode. There, you will compete with many online gamers to see who can reach the destination the fastest. But before that, you need to choose your car and choose items to use on the track. You will have to learn how to drive with the on-screen navigation buttons and practice your skills to overcome the most difficult turns. On the track, your challenge is not only other opponents but also unexpected dangers lurking. Someone can plant a bomb on the track, and it can lead you back to the starting position in a new race.

However, you can also do this with other opponents. Someone is surpassing you, right? Let them taste the smoke of a bomb or the smell of hot peppers to slow them down. Besides, you can also use soap to make your opponents slide uncontrollably, or use boosters to run faster and gain an advantage over every player on the track. Also, make good use of the acceleration capabilities built into your track. And the most important factor is driving skills. Control wisely to overcome unexpected traps or the most dangerous turns.


Unlock vehicles and accessories

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Boom Karts has a lot to offer you to be the best on every track. It is a system of genuine racing cars with dozens of different designs and colors from classic to modern. Besides, you can unlock awesome accessories to customize your driver. It could be new clothes, hats, masks and more. You can become a super cool racing guy or a stylish girl or a driver with a funny boxy hat.

In addition, the game has many unique racetrack maps to explore. It can be busy streets during the day or night, or racing tracks in snow, desert, rocky terrain and more. Each map has different terrain types, affecting your driving strategy. Furthermore, the beautiful and bright scenery also contributes to inspiring the enthusiasm of real racing boys.


Fun visual style

Unlike popular racing games, Boom Karts focuses on humorous drawings instead of realism. It features fun-looking drivers, complete with a range of unique accessories for customization. The racing car system is diverse, has many designs and looks quite realistic. The dynamic sound is quite realistic, creating a lively driving feeling. The effects on the racetrack are also well presented, highlighting bomb explosions or fiery collisions between racing cars. The game context changes flexibly depending on the map.


What are the MOD APK features of Boom Karts?!

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Full Diamond
  • Speed, Unlock the car

Boom Karts APK MOD (VIP Menu VIP, Vehicle Unlock, GAME Speed)!

In general, Boom Karts MOD APK 1.44.0 you can get super vip features such as mod menu, unlocked all racing car versions, equip weapons and faster gaming speed to You level up and get rewards. In general, the game may not be as good as famous racing games but it is enough to engage you in the experience for hours. It offers fun races to compete with many players. You can drive while setting traps to anger others, working for your rank and collection of racing cars and accessories. Don’t hesitate, the track is unlocked, drive your car here.

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