Army Battle Simulator 1.3.70 MOD Lots of Money APK
Army Battle Simulator MOD APK 1.3.70

Army Battle Simulator 1.3.70 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 days ago)
Name Army Battle Simulator
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherRappid Studios
Latest Version1.3.70
MOD Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, No ADS
Price FREE

Army Battle Simulator gives you epic military battles in 3D graphics in real-time. That’s where you play the role of a political strategist who runs units of soldiers to fight the enemy. Therefore, there is no need for any combat skills, you just need strategy and tactics to survive here and lead the online leaderboards. During the battle, you can also just click to arrange the formation and enjoy what happens. It doesn’t need too many operations to master, simple but attractive and addictive is what you can easily feel in this game. There are many specialized units and vehicles to explore, both on land and in the air. Let’s combine them together in a reasonable way to gain an advantage over the enemy. The battles take place on a large scale, so get ready to enjoy the eye-catching effects.

Army Battle Simulator – Epic military war!

If you are bored with complex action or role-playing games, temporarily come to Army Battle Simulator, an engaging strategy experience. It is inspired by the greatest military wars of mankind, typically World War II. But everything is rendered in a simple way that is easy for anyone to access. Field battlefields are now large deserts, snow lands, or military zones. Units are diverse, from ground to air types. So you can unleash your creativity in different types of squads to join campaigns. The challenge gets harder as you go deeper into the battle. But how it ends is up to you, strategist.


Show your strategy

There are two modes for you to choose from when playing this game, including Level and Online. In Level mode, it consists of successive levels for you to play against Bots. It is suitable for new players who want to learn about the gameplay or experienced players who want to try a new strategy. You can come here and join the journey with the escalating challenges. Going from an amateur to a great military strategist, what do you think? It’s a tough journey, but it doesn’t require much work. Your job is to combine units together, send them to the battlefield and watch the war unfold on the screen. If you win, you can unlock the next level.

Meanwhile, in Online mode, you will compete with a real opponent. It promises much more attractive challenges because the competition is there from the very first level. You will not be able to play again if you lose. Therefore, think carefully about your action strategy to gain an advantage in every battle. Besides, when you level up, you will have the opportunity to confront stronger opponents at the same level. Therefore, the battles are always balanced, providing endless inspiration. During the battle, you can observe the battlefield and battle effects from many different perspectives. You can zoom in or out to see details or an overview of the battlefield.


Explore a variety of different soldier units

Army Battle Simulator brings many types of military units common in field warfare. Specifically, it includes units of soldiers that shoot rifles, sniper rifles, cannons, tanks, drones, robots, and more. Each type of unit has its own characteristics, creating different effects when used on the battlefield. The infantry units will be suitable for small-scale battles or used as a support unit for any battle. Meanwhile, tanks and robots are high-end units, carrying great damage and high HP.

Besides, military aircraft is the most advanced type of unit. It is capable of circling and dropping bombs on enemy forces. Ground troops and tanks will not be able to destroy aircraft. Therefore, you need to consider this factor to gain an advantage in battles. Furthermore, you can upgrade units with up to 3 levels. When upgraded, units will be improved in HP, speed, damage, attack range…


3D graphics with realistic design

The game is designed on a high-end 3D graphics platform, bringing a realistic military battlefield from a third-person perspective. Each unit is clearly described and the combat effects are indisputable. Besides that, the sound is amazing, highlighting the explosions of planes, gunfire, bombs, cannons, and more. The battlefield context, although not too diverse, also changes after a number of levels. From the desert to the snowy land, each location has its own unique beauty.

Army Battle Simulator is indeed a real military battlefield. Join this game and show your strategic talent. You can compete with online opponents to enjoy real-time battles. Each battle leaves an unforgettable impression with vivid sounds, effects, and images on the phone.

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