Aladdin Desert Adventure 1.08 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK
Aladdin Desert Adventure MOD APK 1.08

Aladdin Desert Adventure 1.08 MOD VIP, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name Aladdin Desert Adventure
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherThe White Raven
Latest Version1.08
MOD VIP, Unlimited Full Money
Price FREE

Get ready to step into Aladdin’s adventure in the Aladdin Desert Adventure game. Open up a challenging journey waiting for you to explore. Accordingly, you will become a character to start the epic adventure. As a brave prince and carries out the assigned task. Find a way out of the sun and harsh environmental conditions. At the same time fight against dangerous enemies on the way. The goal is to collect the gold coins and keys. This game is in the Casual category of the developer The White Raven. With many new features provided will bring you an enjoyable experience. But there are also puzzles and challenges that require skill to overcome.

Aladdin Desert Adventure – Prince Aladdin’s Adventure To Leave the Desert!

Join LMHAPKSX‘s Aladdin Desert Adventure game. You will play as Prince Aladdin to start the adventure in the desert. Use the magic carpet to fly through the air and move forward. That process will be hindered by dangerous monsters and enemies. There is no other choice when facing, will have to use the equipped weapon and attack. Kill quickly to continue the journey. Also collect items, as well as find keys to leave an area. Get closer to the new land to get away from the hot desert. From there will fulfill their purpose and come to new journeys.Game Aladdin Desert Adventure MOD

Missions by level

Follow the content of Aladdin Desert Adventure to complete the quest at each level. Unleash challenging adventures in the hot desert. Each level takes place journey in an area. From a horizontal perspective to accompany Prince Aladdin to overcome obstacles. That process can collect coins that appear in several locations. At the same time make the goal of finding the golden key. Can then be used to unlock the door on a level.

The challenge increases when reaching new levels

Continue to the journey on a new level of Aladdin Desert Adventure. The challenge will increase with many changing factors. Makes it hard to complete the challenge in safety. Even losing lives and having to accept defeat before the challenges that lie ahead. Accordingly, the distance to travel from the starting point to the final position will be longer than before. Obstacles with increased numbers, as well as the appearance of enemies, cause greater obstacles than before. Requiring your skills to assist Prince Aladdin. For example, using weapons to attack to destroy the enemy. Or dodge dangerous traps installed on the terrain.Aladdin Desert Adventure MOD

There are 5 maps in different locations

According to the information provided about Aladdin Desert Adventure. Currently, the game is divided into 5 maps, corresponding to 5 different worlds. Go through the adventure, after completing the mission at a certain stage. When the conditions are met, the system will unlock a new map to explore. For example, in addition to the journey in the hot desert, there is also the opportunity to have an adventure in the majestic castle. Or in the labyrinth of the Pyramids and others to be explored later. Each map is simulated with different environments and landscapes. That difference is also reflected in the terrain conditions, as well as the appearance of obstacles.

Facing many challenges, the amount of blood

In addition to resisting obstructing attacks from enemies in Aladdin Desert Adventure. You also face many other challenges. Moreover, sometimes there is a puzzle activity to do. Choose a route to go through on rough terrain. Face the enemy directly to attack and destroy. Or choose to avoid it to ensure the safety of life. A series of puzzles will be opened according to the distance traveled. That process needs to pay attention to the amount of blood. Because if attacked by the enemy, the amount of health will decrease. Once exhausted, it will mean losing your life and having to end the adventure.Aladdin Desert Adventure MOD

To be able to focus more on the adventure in Aladdin Desert Adventure. The control mechanism of the game has been optimally designed. Offers intuitive and easy-to-use controls. Accordingly, you only need to touch the displayed icons to perform different actions. For example, move forward, jump up, and use weapons to attack. Thereby, it is possible to flexibly combine according to each situation to overcome challenges. Help yourself safely continue the journey with the goal of leaving the desert.

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